12AX7's & 6SN7.....

I recently purchased a Consonance Opera M99 integrated. I love it. I am now wanting to replace the tubes that came with it with NOS tubes. I am leaning towards Telefunkin and Mullard, but was wondering which will be the most quiet? i get a good little hum coming from my speakers now, and i'm aware that it's the nature of tubes, but which tubes should i use to get the buzz to a minimum?? it came with Sovtek's 12AX7's as the first SRPP stage and Shuguang 6N8P's (6SN7's) as the driver stage. thanks for any info you can provide...
Tube noise is not brand sensitive. You can obtain quiet Sovtek's, Tele's and Mullards, or get noisy samples from these brands.

Go with a reliable tube dealer such as Andy Bauwman at Vintage. Have tubes selected for the purpose for which they are intended.

You mentioned hum from your speakers. This is not necessarily a tube or tube circuity issue. Could just as easily be grounding or magnetic proximity of other equipment.
when i was using a solid state integrated, i had a dead quiet background. you could put your ear right up to the speaker and wouldn't know it's on until the music started playing. when i switched out the SS for a Tube integrated, that's when i picked up the hum/buzz.
Kray, I agree with albert. Get some NOS from Andy's, tell him what amp you have and how it's configured and your price range, and personal preference and Andy will hook you up. He's the best in the business!
If you don't have the rest of your life for Andy to get back to you (he is notoriously slow... over a year to get back to me on some stuff), and want some good 6SN7s in the meantime, let me know. I have a bunch I need to sell.

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