2018 Axpona Eikon System

Went to Axpona last Friday and heard the Gayle Sanders (one half of the team that started Martin Logan) Eikon active speakers system. For me, one of the best sounds of the show at a realistic price ($25k). Sure there were better sounding systems (Wilson, Avantgarde, MBL, etc.) costing 5 to 20 times the price of the Eikon. However, the Eikon system is incredibly versatile, easy to use, room correctable, good to look at and plain amazing sound quality. At last, high quality HiFi that is affordable and does not make you feel like a guest in your own living room.

The Eikon system was the first time I actually thought about replacing my McIntosh C50, McIntosh MC275 MK VI, Gale 401A system (see my previous post on this system; https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/second-system-that-sounds-and-looks-spectacular-i-am-there ). I have no affiliation with Gayle Sanders/Eikon; just blown away with what I saw/heard.

Interestingly, via processor (DSP) adjustments they were actually able to make the sound of Led Zeppelin recordings sound good. I am a fan of Led Zeppelin and greatly appreciate their music. However, their recording, all the way up to 24/192, are not very good IMHO.
@mgattmch  This speaker (system) also caught my eye and I'd love to hear it myself. It has received a lot of show coverage. Hopefully there will be some thorough reviews in the near future. Thank you for posting and starting a thread on it.

You’re spot on with your impressions on Eikon. I loved them too. It’s easily one of the most complete and incredible sounding system under $25K.

My top pick from the show was Avantgarde Trio XD. 
I agree with lalitk, the Avantgarde Trio XD plus Basshorn system sounded and looked stunning. Probably the best sound at the show? $150k or thereabouts just for the speakers! To say nothing of the incredible size of this system, wish I had a listening room big enough to accommodate this system

david_ten, you are most welcome. I am also looking forward to reading a formal review on the Eikon active speakers and complementary DSP pre-amp.
I heard the Avantgarde system and I agree it was stunning--but I just can't get beyond looking at it and asking myself where does that go in the real world? That system requires most people to change houses. I had the same reaction to the Von Schweikert Audio room, but on a grander scale--the physical impracticability overwhelms me, I guess. Between the two I thought the Avantgarde sound was more compelling, but that's just me. I'm sorry I didn't hear the Eikon system. Based on these posts I will make it a priority in the future.
But it’s not outrageous for those who can afford it. Besides, 97% of Americans aren’t audiophiles. Do the math. Even more alarming, 99% of Americans can’t afford Lamborghinis.

It’s also worth noting the Eikon system is complete - speakers, amps, room correction, and pre, just add a source and you’re ready to go.  

Apparently the Eikon system controller is based on the Legacy audio wavelet processor, which seems like a great place to start.  
AXPONA 2018 marks the arrival of Gayle Sanders with the launch of EIKON Audio. Sanders co-founded Martin Logan in 1982, where he remained for about three decades just to move the Do My Assignment Australia organization in 2005. After around four years, Sanders recognized he was missing the industry and got the itch to return as he hit the audio show circuit and prepared for re-entry.
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