2024 Audio System Wish List


I’ve been doing this for years now- and it’s time for our 2024 wish list!

In 2023 I explored the world of room treatment and purchased a modest amount of products from GIK and Acoustimac, and for an approximate $400 investment, I was extremely satisfied how it really helped my music listening experience- far more than any $400 cable ever has.

My goal for 2024, as it has been for a number of years now, is to explore and add more music. Streaming has been a fantastic way of exploring new to me music, and in some instances after streaming an album, I also wound up buying it on vinyl.

I will probably add some more room treatment, but not much more.

What’s your audio goal for 2024? A new preamp? A DAC? More music?

Enjoy 🥂


I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport. Well  upgrade that soon. Likely with a Jays Audio CD2MK3. 

The winning powerball numbers so I can get out of this complex merry go round.it is merry and relaxing listening to music it does calm the savage beast.it is fun and mentally challenging to roll amps speakers tubes ect.the mind loves different input.enjoy the music stay healthy.

I ordered some LP shelves from Boltz in September. Hopefully they will arrive sometime in 2024 so I can enjoy them.

An APEX Upgrade for my DCS Bartok.  And/or an Audio Research Ref 160 power amp to replace my Ref 110