78-RPM to Digital Transfer

I have a different kind of question I’m hoping someone can help me with.  Can any of you point me to a service that can make a digital file from a 78-rpm record?


After a close relative died recently, we uncovered something I didn’t know existed.  Apparently, in 1953, my grandmother made a record.  She is listed as the singer and there is an accompanist listed as well.  It looks like something that was done for their personal use, maybe the only copy or one of only a few.  Unfortunately, both she and my father have passed so there is no one to ask about it.


The disks are in pristine condition, but I don’t have a turntable that spins at 78 so I have no way to hear it.  Needless to say, I’m curious.  If for no other reason just to hear her voice from a few years before I was born.  A digital copy would also allow me to share it with other members of the family who may be interested.


Given the nature of the question, I’ve posted it to more than one forum so you may see it elsewhere as well.


Thanks in advance for any help.


For a one-off like this just send it to a transfer service.

Use YELP to screen them.

There are quite a few where I live (Los Angeles) and suspect that the same may be true of SF.

They can transfer it to memory sticks and CD's if needed.

I was going to have VHS (8mm home movies transferred  to VHS years ago) transferred to DVD, but now I can't find the DVD tapes.

Anyway the transfer fees were quite reasonable for tapes and records.



I’ve done some 78 to digital conversions. It can be done pretty easily and cost is modest. You just need

1) any vintage ceramic cart turntable that works and has a usable 78rpm stylus. I found one for $20 at a garage sale.

2) a decent quality a2d converter. I’ve used one by Art that can be had on Amazon for about $100. Maybe others there that cost even less that would do.

3) USB out to home computer running Audacity app to process and save to a file (freeware)


I have some sample files created this way if interested. 






I should also add that I have searched Google and seen a number of options.  I'm hoping to find someone who has experience with a good one.