A budget power cord has speed and transparent but not overly bright.

Power cords, help.
Budget is $200 or less
My 2nd system needs more speed, details and air. I can slowly add them in until they aren’t overly bright. Gauge size not matter. I’m open for DIY as well since I have good Wattage AC power plugs laying around. Nordost and Audioquest in mind but how about Pangea?
Thank you all
DIY you say? Take look at this link...
My Audio Alchemy (image99.net)

and specifically this link...

Also if you want to read what other members think of these cables read this link...

Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling | Audiogon Discussion Forum

If you have any questions - ask away

Regards - Steve
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For $200 (plus shipping) you can have your pick of Synergistic Master Coupler or Shunyata Cobra.
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Check audio Envy, I have 2 pc from them hooked with 4K monoblocks Tube amp.Very natural sounding, and flesh out music, they are fast.
Signal makes some nice stuff.
Raven Audio also has some nice cables. Do not know who makes them for Raven but the reviews on Part Time Audiophile are positive.
Thank you all.
I will look into them but would strongly prefer ones with superb details, airy and transparency please. Thanks again.
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I agree with the recommendation of Audio Envy and/or Zavfino Majestic MKII. I own both. Probably a bit more than what you want to spend but worth it in my opinion.
@lak Just wondering if you could compare the AE and the Zavfino - I'm considering both for my system and would love to hear your opinion of them.  Thanks!  
Is there a consensus regarding which Audio Envy to use for source components?
There is a lot of buzz about these PC's.

thank you all.
I just re-arranged my other system and now have 2 extra cords Cerious Technologies entry level- they fix the problem and open up nicely. Thanks
I have contacted CullenCables but we haven’t gotten to ordering yet... Thank you all again
+1 on Cullen Cables

no frills and affordable. This is the only “tweak” she’s ever heard first time round. 
Disclaimer- I have not tried any other PCs. But once I heard them on my amp I bought a full loom of them. 
I have the Audio Envy and Zavfino Majestic MKII power cords in different systems. When I have some spare time I'll switch out power cords and audition in the same system, but I'm not sure when I can do that?
To my surprise, I had some extra open time this morning so I did a comparison test between the Audio Envy and Zavfino Majestic MKII power cords, I put the power cords in my Allnic T-1500 Integrated amp (300B tubes). 
For the price, they are both excellent power cords that give a full spectrum of music.
Honestly, I did not detect a difference between the two power cords I auditioned. The CDs I used were; Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter", Eva Cassidy "Live At Blues Alley", and "The Best Of David Benoit 1987 - 1995". I know these CDs very well use them along with others for audition purposes.
I will say that the Audio Envy is extremely light in weight and very flexible while the Zavfino Majestic MKII weighs quite a bit more (but not overweight) and is not as flexible but will bend and not an issue for the vast majority of audiophiles.
As I stated above, I could and do live with both of these power cords in different systems. I tried to hear a difference between these two power cords but I honestly don't, I highly recommend both of these power cords.
@lak Thanks so much for the comparison!  I really like fact that both Audio Envy and Zavfino use OCC copper for many of their cables.  The OCC cables that I've heard have always sounded good to me.  Thanks again!
If gauge does not matter, the Zavfino Fina may be a good choice at $288 for 1.5 meter.


It’s 14 gauge, and the entry level to their OCC range.
Virtual Dynamics Power 3…Incredible what a PC for $100/$150 bucks can do. My entire rig is equipped with VD cords. You’ll need to hunt around to find them but they are worth it.
@thyname - thanks for posting this link - this is a very interesting power cable indeed and for such a complex fabrications technique seems very affordable. Even the silver version is reasonably priced

FYI: I am into cable geometry and there is a lot about this cable that is done right.

The fact it uses UP-OCC copper peaked my curiosity, and reading more revealed an interesting approach as to how EACH conductor is made i.e.  Tight Pitch Twist Stranding.

This approach should cut down on distortions generated within the cable itself, providing pure clean power to connected components

It’s not perfect, but from what I can see of its design/construction I can appreciate why people gives it such high praise.

In this price range it is probably the best power cable on the market

Regards - Steve
Absolutely pinpoint observations Steve @williewonka !!
Tight pitch twist is their main construction / stranding / geometry, as well as Pure Copper 6N (PC) Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC). The highest up in the line (Silver Darts) have hybrid silver copper OCC, as well as graphene for shielding. 

Straightwire black thunder.  Call direct if you don’t have a dealer close enough to drive.