A Capital Audiofest 2012 thread

I hope to attend. Any others? ANy thoughts on anything particular advertised for CAF 2012 of particular interest?
I wont make it, but my friends are attending. Part time audiophile usually gives full coverage to this event.
I plan to make it . . . but may only be able to hit Fri afternoon for an hour or 2. Last time I went it didn't seem everything really got going the first day - though there were a couple of very good exhibits.
I went two years ago Sunday only. Things were in full swing through 2-3 in the afternoon then things were winding down as I left. Got there too late for the morning "swap" event, which sounds neat. May try to make that this year.

There were a number of very good sounding systems there. The GOTO and Cathedral horn setups in particular come to mind and may be there this year as well. YG/Magico a/b demos by YG was interesting and both sounded pretty good. Manley amps were quite nice though under served perhaps in their setup. Jolida fx10 was the best buy I could spot. mbl setups were sub-par compared to same at the dealer and not indicative of what mbl can deliver set up properly.