A discovery

Simon & Garfunkel Sound of Silence. But not the version I saw them do in Evanston in 1968.

A new version done by a group whose name gave me pause. Disturbed.  I was right about their genre.  But their version of this song is what it should have been. 
David Draiman starts off in a low register easy version of the first part. But then he builds to a Disturbed version. And the lyrics really demand it. They really apply to today’s society. Paul Simon is a prophet.
The video version.

The Conan show version.

I watched many YouTube reactors videos. All the women were tearing up by the end. I watch one German lady and her body physically reacted. A couple of guys also teared up. As did I.

Many of the vocal coaches and opera singers had concern with his dirty voice. Given the genre of the band I think he knows how to safely do the dirty voice.

A sad fact is that every one of the reviewers was not alive when the song came out. And a few were not aware of the song period.

I did something I have not done in a very long time. Bought a CD for just one song.

Your mileage may vary.
I think its wonderful that you have such a strong reaction to a piece of music/a song, and have the desire to talk about it here!  

Thank you for that!

I agree, Paul Simon is priceless.  

This song started as much less than what it became for the duo, thanks to a producer.  And its life is endless, as your post proves.  

Thank you again.  
YouTube keeps putting reactor videos in my list.

it is fun watching their reactions when he gets to the dirty voice parts. You can tell they were not expecting it.
A YouTube video with more than half a billion views I had no idea existed. You can tell I’m living the good life. Gangnam Style was well over a billion, so possibly I am slipping into the mainstream? Will have to wait to find out. Can’t be playing dirty voice at work. Not that I know what dirty voice even is. But it sounds too, uh, dirty for work. 

Crikey! Just that guys face is too dirty for work!
It was very good for the first couple of minutes, but I thought the last third was kind of shouty and uninspired
But that is the point. The words express an angry/frustrated emotion and this version emotes.