A first

I have a newer system that I assembled earlier this year.  It includes the Luxman D-10X CD/SACD player, a Constellation Audio Integrated, Perlisten S7t speakers, and an older Music Hall MMF-7.1 tt with a Grade Sonata.

I had two friends over Saturday, and they love music but could not care less about sound.  They often hook up their phone to my system and play MP3 files.  Truly horrible sound, but they never cared.

I asked them to sit on the sofa and I played music, some they knew, some they did not.

The woman said it seemed like they were at a live concert.  The man said (and he is very cynical about nearly everything) that he never cared about "this audiophile thing", but he has never heard anything this great.

I doubt they will ever change what they listen on at their home, but I was so pleased that they were open enough to drop the cynicism and listen.


By the way, this system is in a big room, and it sounds spectacular.  


I'm not a newbie and I don't drink alcohol, but I love 'responding to' and sometimes singing along to my favorite music. People should enjoy music however they like, as far as I'm concerned. Ain't no rules. 

I've learned to be alone when I just want to listen to music w/o interruption.  Most people have never really sat quiet and just listen to the music. they  use music as a secondary or background. And there is  a time and place for it all. In the party 70's I generally kept the music going. i learned to suspend the turntable from the ceiling back then. Then too, it didn't weigh 135 lbs like my Teres does. Thats the beauty of suspended TT's. They are light enough to hang and I would still do that today if I had a suspended table.

BTW congrats on a nice system.and good story

@larsman I completely concur, ain't no rules and did not intend to imply as such

One of the beauties of our hobby is the only rules or boundaries are between the confines of the ears of the beholder

No right or wrong, only different and they all matter

I do a little singing at times but more of an air guitar guy myself

Rock on brother and enjoy the journey

@artemus_5 I am with you 100%. 


I've learned to be alone when I just want to listen to music w/o interruption.