A low cost way to try phono once again?

I went to digital many years ago but I would like to give phono another try just for grins. I need to find a low cost option but I want to give it a fair chance as well. I have a pre but will need a phono pre since my preamp has no phono section. I need to keep it below 1k if possible.
The Musical Fidelity V series phono stage is quite good at a really low price, $149 I think on sale at Music Direct. Will give you a good taste and if you want to go higher or get out you will get most of your money back.
Thanks stanwal -

I'll need a turntable and cartridge as well. Have you heard anything about the new entry level Rega?
I would go for a used Technics SL-1200 ($3-400), Denon DL-103 ($125-150), and Dynavector P-75 ($450). For around $1K, you'd have a very strong analog system, and would also retain an upgrade path through KAB, so you could add various things like a tonearm damper as funds permitted.

There are always a lot of good used tables on Audiogon. Here is one: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?anlgtabl&1300411029&/Oracle-Alexandria-MkII

I would much rather have a good used table than a new budget one. Email me if you see one you are interested in and want info on.
Buy a used Rega p1. They usually come with an arm and cartridge for very little money. For phono preamps try the NAD PP-2 phono preamp for moving magnet and low output moving coils. I have two of these phono preamps and they work very well and are very quiet. They cost about a 129 dollars each from audio advisor. I am trying to save u money and recommend something that is both good and affordable.
Used Denon 47F, picked up locally, married with a Denon 160. Cost no more then $300. Preamp could be nad PP-2, which would work well with the 160. Then once you decide to move up, sell off the system and move up to a VPI.
I agree; go for a used table. You most likely will get a better table overall than buying new and get more bang for the buck. The VPI Scout is very good table for the money; not sure how much they go for used though...
Ebay seller, "vintage_audio_lab" sells a 2 box mm tube phono preamp for $400 shipped free. It is a Taiwanese product which I bought a while back and have been very impressed with. I agree that a used table, if well cared-for, gives the best value. You may consider making an offer on the JVC VL-8 currently on 'Gon. I own the dd version and it's a very nice table. I've no connection with the seller. Even with the needed $89 replacement stylus, you may get the whole tuna for $750-$800 leaving $200 or so for lps!

There are many other options, but don't overlook the relative importance of the phono stage in the mix. The "VALAB" stage, while limited to mm carts, is very, very high quality/performance for the price.

Just my 2 cents.

You are ALL------ nuts get the Rega RP1 w/cartridge under $500 and be done with it.Their tonearm alone is worth this price. You have to spend 3Xs as much to hear a difference. In a year if you want to upgrade buy a $500 MC Cart
Thanks for all the info ...

I'll be buying a TT and Phono pre soon. I read a little more about the RP1, that is one tempting me. I'll also research the others that are mentioned.

I'm looking for a DAC as well, I hope to latch onto a Benchmark as soon as I can locate one at a decent price.
I think to try a turntable your budget should under $500 and all equipment should be used. It is a bit of a trick question depending on what vinyl you own. I would probably double the budget if I had a collection. I would still stay used.

You can get respectable equipment in this price range. Good enough to tell if the whole experience warrants more investment. If you are like most I'm sure you will end up spending much more. Keep it light and fun. Buy high quality vinyl. You get what you pay for if you buy from reputable places.
Check out the Hanss T-10 at 1800. It comes with cartridge, built-in phono stage, and tonearm. Nice table and built very well. I have the T-30 on my showroom floor and it is a great sounding table that's very reasonably priced.
Disclaimer: I am a dealer for Hanss tables.