A moving story Audio Physics Caldera II

I just relocated to indianapolis for my job and after buying a new home i found my beloved (at least for me!) Klipschorns just dont have a place to put them. I hoped my new theater room would work with a few modifications, but the horns are just not right for the room. So it was time to move on. I happened to see a set of Audio Physic Caldera II on auction and i was lucky enough to snag the pair. They arrived this weekend and after several hours of hookup, i got them going. The three box set are a little more challenging to set up but i finally fired them up. Arghh, one of the midrange drivers was rattling. A quick look found that one busted so now i have a nice pair of busted speakers. Fortunately, scanspeak makes the driver used in the unit and i was able to replace today. After getting these going, i was shocked how different they sound than my Klipschorns. The bass response is so much better than any setup i ever had with the Klipshorns. The soundstage is more defined and expansive. I really enjoyed the clarity of the midrange of the Klipschorn but i find the Calderas are about as good. I have not listened them very much and i still want to experiment with the wiring and inverting the bass modules to see how that impacts the sound. I have heard that the calderas can be a little room fussy and like to be away from the wall but that will not not be possible. I have see a few threads on the 3 box calderas but i would like know if there are some things i should be looking for as i move and optimize these speakers. Any input by the group would be appreciated. Now to sell some Khorns!
"I have see a few threads on the 3 box calderas but i would like know if there are some things i should be looking for as i move and optimize these speakers."

The first thing you need to do is break in the 2 new drivers you installed.
Welcome to Indy.

Never heard the Calseras but have heard the Tempo IVs, check my system for pics.
timrhu--thanks for the welcome, are you in Indy? nice system. those tempo's look great.
Z--thanks for the reminder, sometimes we forget these components need some burn time.
Oilman, I live in Brownsburg, a few miles northwest of Indy. Lived on the west side for many years before moving further out.
Looks like we are neighbors, just moved into the northridge subdivision in Brownsburg. Nice area. Maybe get a chance to meet you and discuss this insane habit!
Hey, we can meet at Walmart!! ;)

We are neighbors! I live in the Highland Springs subdivision north of I74. If you need a pair of speakers while your Calderas are down I have a few spares. Unfortunately, nothing at that level.
I owned the original Calderas and found them to to be peerless in some respects (soundstage/low-level detail, naturalness) so I think you will enjoy them once broken in. If you are having any low frequency problems with the room, better to invert the bass modules because that will decouple the side-firing woofers from the room boundary somewhat. The bass will be a little lighter in the pants, but likely more tuneful and articulate.

I used a wide set up with the speakers 9-10 feet apart and in the relative near field, so that they were just barely in my forward line of sight, and far out from the wall behind them. The original designer, Joachim Gerhard recommended a listening seat near or against the back wall and the speakers halfway into the room, spread far apart, with the forward drivers pointing just inside your shoulders. I cheated that a little to my room and taste, but had the listening seat near the wall behind it 1-2 feet out; the speakers halfway into the room and spread wide. If your room allows it, I'd start with an approximation of that set up and work forward and back, wide to less wide until you find that sweet spot. the wiring harness makes a difference but set up is the biggest difference maker.

I hope this is of some help.


Thanks for the info. On some material, the bass response is too much and i will try inverting the bass module. Not sure i can ease these into the room too much as the room is set up as a home theater also. I will experiment to see how much i can pull them out though. one thing is very clear however, they are very revealing. Katy Lied by Steely Dan is a great example. This album really sounds bad with these speakers. This is a well known "poor mastering" album and i really didnt know what folks were talking about previously but wow with these speakers. I now understand why so many people talk about this album. My Khorns tended to smooth out some of the rough spots but the Caldera really showed how the mids and highs just are not well blended or balanced. On a great recording like the Traveling Wilburys, these speakers really sound great.
"My Khorns tended to smooth out some of the rough spots but the Caldera really showed how the mids and highs just are not well blended or balanced."

Like I said before, the new drivers may not be fully broken in. Also, I looked at your system page and you show a Marantz HT receiver. The speakers you have are really not meant to be run from a component like that. Your Klipsch are much more efficient speakers. Not having enough power could very well be the cause of your bass issue. I think it would be worthwhile to try a more powerful amp. Maybe borrow one from a friend or a local store. Also, you may want to check the settings on the Marantz. Make sure you bypass any type of tone controls and other signal processing.
z--again, thanks for the info. i do know the new drivers i installed are still burning in. I have about 15 hours on them. One curiousity question about the power level of the Marantz. This is an older AV reciever, but it was their largest power rating with 160 watts per channel in the 7.1 mode when it came out about 12 years ago. I also have the ability to effectively biamp the speakers since the modules are separate and i have three connections to plug into. How much power were you thinking these need to have to really sound good. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I was looking at a tube amp for my Khorns before i moved. If i was looking for a new amp/preamp, what size would you recommend?
We all have different tastes, so only you can make the choice as to what amp is best for you. Here's a few amps that you may want to consider.

Solid State: Ayre V5, Theta Dreadnaught, Bat VK255, Conrad Johnson Premier 350

Tube: Audio Research VT100 or VT200, Quicksilver V4, Vac Phi 200, Aesthetix Atlas

Any of those should have no problem driving your speakers.
thanks, i have looked at the quicksilver when i was looking for tube for my khorns. George merrill auditioned one for me with his speakers and table. very sweet. This will give me some ideas to look at. One of our stores in Indy will allow a home audition so this is a good list to start with
I would like to hear some Audio Physics speakers.

Some of the design aspects of the recent range are very interesting, like the driver phase plugs, and having a crossover network behind the driver (i.e on the negative return) which is not supposed to make any difference, but upon listening apparently it does.

This latter example shows that Audio Physics is willing to think outside the box and have try some subjective elements to their designs.