A public service announcement

Just a reminder that a late night with alcohol, a credit card and an audio addiction can get expensive real fast.  I’m gonna be the proud owner of three new phono carts next week! 😂🎶🎶🎶


I am married ,meaning I have to think long game ,strategic ways to funnel 

extra revenue to each end game piece on my radar. Speakers are the most $20+k 

electronics another $20k+. 2023-24 that’s my goal to complete it.

pits funny I needed a new,or newer car ,the Mrs gets a new Volvo, and a 900 sq foot addition on the house . When I was single, had its +es .

I have to admit, I have done that a few times…end result was a better system😂

@pwoodard922 Funny how that works. Once of the better end results of alcohol I can think of.