A public service announcement

Just a reminder that a late night with alcohol, a credit card and an audio addiction can get expensive real fast.  I’m gonna be the proud owner of three new phono carts next week! 😂🎶🎶🎶


I’ve done that buying off Amazon, but it wasn’t due to alcohol, it was too much 420.  When the order came which I didn’t remember ordering, I uttered WTF?  I did send everything back, unopened.  

I never play analogue (nor order gear or music) while under the influence. As a wine aficionado, I figure listening to digital is small price to pay while sipping. 

First and foremost, unless you’re paying off the balance in full during PayPal’s promotional “ no interest” period, PayMe Credit … es no bueno.

Drink & Buy equipment is equivalent to ….. Drink & Drive. If you must, purchasing music during your binge instead, much safer alternative :-)

I am married ,meaning I have to think long game ,strategic ways to funnel 

extra revenue to each end game piece on my radar. Speakers are the most $20+k 

electronics another $20k+. 2023-24 that’s my goal to complete it.

pits funny I needed a new,or newer car ,the Mrs gets a new Volvo, and a 900 sq foot addition on the house . When I was single, had its +es .

I have to admit, I have done that a few times…end result was a better system😂

@pwoodard922 Funny how that works. Once of the better end results of alcohol I can think of. 

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an Amazon package whose contents were a total mystery to me for exactly these reasons.

For those asking…

Soundsmith Paua

Soundsmith MIMC Star Mono

Hana Umani Red

They were already on my radar, but things got expedited a bit!

And yes, I will be 100% alcohol free during installation!

+1 @erik_squires 

Aside from the great (snide) comments, let us know how you like the Hana. I've been temped myself.

@deadhead1000 I’ve been using a Hana ML since pretty much the day it was released and have never been disappointed by it.  I really can’t wait to get the Umani.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative word about a Hana cart.

dabel- I hope you were kidding, but in case you weren’t, buying audio equipment while intoxicated does not at all compare to driving while intoxicated, you can’t potentially hurt or kill any strangers by buying audio equipment.  Now, your wife/husband/SO might kill you…😂😂😂😂

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It appears that you make more rational decisions while under the influence than a lot people do when they are sober.

I wish you lived closer so I could offer you a few, then take you along when I'm shopping for tools ... or meeting with my financial planner.

+! @anotherbob

Please, pay no mind to my terrible and utter ridiculous attempt at humor. Phew, good thang that day job hasn’t terminated I for lack of performance.

Almost forgot my manners …. Have fun op and get lost in the music :-)

Yah, booze could lead to expensive mistakes sometimes. Once after third glass of scotch I double payed all my monthly utilities, credit cards statements and mortgage payment using online banking. Now I have the rule: Never sign in to online banking under influence even after one bottle of beer. lol. 

"You have a turntable?"

I would think Jdougs has 3 of them.  Good ones to warrant those cartridges.


@tkhill ....Now, even if I’ve ’mixed my media’ (420+alcohol.....or any other combination that I don’t recall)....

That’s NOT a dog.

Now, at closing time....gotten close, but ....

Spared the ’A.M. WT....?!’  *Knock on wood, skull standing in...*

Not totally sure How, or Why, but... ;)

(...have bought ’stranger things’, but usually in the company of choice in those matters....*L*)

I am going to pass that pic to a couple of folks that’ll ’spit-take’ over it....

Guess us boys now know where that next party is being held / hosted. @asvjerry, send out those invitations! I’ll RSVP :-)


To paraphase those immoral lines from "Airplane!"....

"....guess I picked the wrong night to post on 'Gon...."

*yawn*blink*rub eyes*

Lets' see....

....that ought to cover the audio portion of the parte'.....a few Kwatts, get a new line drop from the local utility...

....contact AVL cardiology to screen y'all to ensure there's no 'inert bodies' to deal with in the morning....I hate that...

Contact the help 'n have them dust out the haus...




....it's far enough out of town to not have the PD show up and want to stay....

....get the Huey out of storage, it's a bit hard to follow the directions to and definitely From....

....see if the Krell bar is still ’dependable.....not the audio company, the one on the planet...

Anything you want, it’s got.

You Will want to mind what you ’order’, tho’....not responsible for your physiology in terms of ’tolerance’...

(It survived the planets’ destruction, but has its’ ’quirks’..... ;) Comes in handy if theres’ anything I missed....)

Oh ….. my ….. goodness, I can’t stop laughing! 😂🤣 Now, this is the type of party y’all will have to attend. Don’t ever say that I didn’t tell you so, I did. RSVP has been sent @asvjerry

yet another reason to... quit drinking alcohol...!  Although sometimes being drunk helps one justify extravagance... 

I used to justify drinking by thinking it made my stereo sound better, lol... 

Just a thought.  

420, on the other hand, well... thank you very much, sir... and I won't even wake up with a hangover.  

@curtdr *G*  As someone who 'came of age' in the later '60s' in the 'midst of SoCA, I *ah* developed a strong preference to 'herbal remedies'....;)

I do drink....90+% gets added to coffee.  I used to carry a thermos with a biohazard sticker on it.  Fellow employees used to 'hit me up' for a cup (straight up, no adds) in the a.m. to 'kick start' from whatever the night before yielded. 

Typically, one for them was generally enough..fortunately for yours unruly. *S*

Recent holiday vaca in LA allowed me to...'catch up' with the current development of legal herbage.

Happy to report, y'all finally caught up (and the packaging is more consistent *L*).

Btw, I love that desert home.  Setting up a 'proper audio arrangement' in it could be problematic, but I wouldn't have to be concerned about disturbing any neighbors Ever.  I realize I'd have to win a sizable Lotto to do so, but if large enough...

Just keep going up in the offer until I'd get their attention....*LOL*  And an open invite to Erik on 'room treatment routines'....

Ah, if wishes were fishes the world would stink. 😏

I think the alcohol (Jameson's for me) degrades my hearing, so I have to improve my equipment with some expensive purchases.

I find alcohol to be the greatest tweak. Directly affects the cerebellum where spatial cues are integrated.  Less awareness of two speakers creating soundstage that actually continuous.  Downside was falling asleep with vinyl and the needle bent from continuously last groove.  Alcohol only with digital

@tennisdoc56 That’s why I have two tables.  The QL-Y77F is for when there’s alcohol in the bloodstream.  And honestly, it may be my best sounding TT anyway.

@jdougs That Paua has also been on my radar for several months so i'll hide my computer when the whisky flows.  What is it replacing?  Do you own any other SS carts presently?  Interested in your opinion of the Paua compared to the Hana.

Ah… so this is why my dealer has those rich wine parties attended by manufactures to show new gear.  Got to check and see if I ordered new Wilson’s again.

@wyoboy It's actually replacing a Zephyr MIMC Star ES that I bought used a few weeks ago.  Prior to that, that TT was running a Dynavector 10X5.  I was so impressed I ordered the Paua as well as a Zephyr MIMC Star ES MONO.  The Zephyr MIMC Star ES stereo will serve as a backup when the Paua has to go in for retipping.  Since the Paua and Zephyr MONO both weigh the same, my hope is to be able to switch them around without needing to make adjustments.  We'll see how that works out.