Absolute Power Cord users, please...

Just bought two of these cords for transport and DAC.

What is the usual burn-in time? (When do the fairies start to come out?) Or, do they come already "well massaged" from GTT?

As always, thank you for your consideration.
Mine warmed up after just a couple of days use, with gear on 24/7. Great value stuff!

"Warmed up after just a couple of days" probably means your thermostat is set too low ;-)

Unless you're performing hifi pagan rituals, then you just don't have to burn in wire - it transports electrons just fine the instant it makes a connection.

While you're being careful about the wire from the back of your gear, I hope you got a chance to ponder what happens to all those poor electrons on the "N"-mile journey from the generator. Wonder if you can budget a step-by-step upgrade for all that wire, too?
I used to run mine via a PS Audio Jusice Bar powering my fridge. If you can send your cords to a good cryo treatment facility there will be a substantial improvement in smoothness, extension and details. Cryo'ed ones take about ten days running a fridge to burn in.
Thank you, both, for your responses. Psychic, unfortunately I have to burn mine by playing my gear 24/7, so I'll be patient, although, after just 3 days the sound has changed. At first the brightness was a bit much but not any longer. A big improvement over the cords I used before.

My dear "pond-dweller," thanks also to you. I consider it an honor to have a thread of mine flamed. I have three others which you are also welcomed to kamikaze if you have the time.

Best regards.
Vvrinc: You can buy an adapter to burn the cord in on a fridge from Chris Venhaus for about $12 (which I just did), or you can probably go to any computer/electronics store and buy a male iec to 3 Prong plug adapter for about $3-$4 (which I also just did after buying the one from Chris!)which will allow you to do the same thing. I just used the adapter/fridge routine on a couple of power cords which had hundreds of hours on them on a line conditioner feeding my integrated amp and on the amp themselves, and the improvements were not subtle. I'm now skeptical, in fact, about the ability of equipment, and especially equipment that doesn't draw much current, to fully burn in power cords.
Hey, Hdm, thanks a bunch man! What great ideas.

Why do you thing the fridge does a better job? Higher electric draw at a more constant rate?

Best wishes.
Vvrinc: I think it's more a function of the huge initial draw that refrigerator/freezer compressors have when they kick in, although a fridge itself will probably be a much higher draw even when it's just running. When the fridge compressor kicks in, it probably draws about 17 amps for that first split second. I'm kind of addicted to my system so probably won't do it right now, but next time I go away on holidays I'm going to hook up two cords to the fridge and chest freezer in the basement and just leave them there until I come back. I was actually quite shocked at what even one day on the freezer and one on a large box fan did to the two cords I mentioned above which I thought were fully broken in.
Sorry, no ideas on the interconnects or speaker cables without spending the big bucks on a cable cooker.