Accuphase vs. McIntosh MCA 7200

I currently have an NAD M-33 and love all the features and convenience of having everything in one, powerful package (and the Dirac is extremely helpful in my large room). But I sure I’m missing a greater musical experience with this amp. I’ve had friends tell me to buy an Accuphase E-4000. But it doesn’t even come with a means to use my phonograph! That part costs another $1,300 and then I’d have to buy a steamer for Tidal and Bluetooth which is another $500-1500.  

Another friend said I should look at the Mac MCA 7200 which while not having a streamer, at least allows you to plug in your phonograph! This is an expensive amp too. 

My question:

1.  Is the extra musical experience worth the $11K upgrade from the NAD? 
2.  If it is worth the money, which amp should I purchase?

Thanks in advance for your help  




What are your speakers?

I can advise you on McIntosh since I'm quite familiar. BTW, the MAC 7200 is a receiver, there is a better direction to go with MAC integrateds.

If you’re really looking to upgrade you’re looking at a separate amp, preamp, phono pre, DAC, and streamer with all the interconnects involved therein, which aren’t cheap either.  If you’re not ready or willing to go that route, just stick with what’s convenient in one box.  There are some better alternatives from Hegel, etc. that’ll get you more performance in one box, but when you get serious about this you want separate components.  Period.  

Thanks. I have two sets of vintage (1980’s) KEF’s. One set are the 105.4’s complemented by a set of 103.2’s. I also have two subwoofers: a 10” Martin Logan and a 15”. The 103.2’s and a subwoofer are placed about 6 feet high on a bookcase shelf while the 105.4’s are on stands on the floor at either end of the 15 foot-long bookcase and the other sub is on the floor to the left. My ceilings are about 15 feet high and the great room all this is in is about 1700 square feet - a BIG room!  All the speakers have the same drivers and are matched. 
Thank for your help. 

The MAC 7200 is very good, it's only available as  a Receiver in North America.  Elsewhere it is the MA7200 integrated.  

My Dad owns the MA8950 and it is quite good.  Great sounding and plenty of power for most .....