Acoustic Zen - blown tweeter - out of business? replacement?

I have picked up a nice early pair of AZ Adagio and they have a tweeter that is not working. I have emailed AZ and no response. I have called them multiple times, they seem to have a cell phone as their business phone and the voice mail is the default message and the voicemail is full. I have tried to contact several dealers listed on the website and they either don't list the product any longer, the store no longer exists/no website, or they haven't dealt with AZ in a long time. So, any news out there? anyone know the fate of AZ? Surely they don't make that ribbon tweeter, right? Any clue who does? does not look familiar to me. Anyone used another tweeter successfully? Thanks for your help and suggestions.Zen Adagio Tweeter


I don't know anything about your speakers.

You might get lucky,

the problem might be inside, a crossover component or connection,

I just restored AR-2ax’s, and one of the new capacitors I installed was bad, juice up to it, nothing on the other side. Parts express overnighted replacement, tweeter was fine.

Also, a wire nut someone had installed within had jostled loose during shipping, easy to check, find, fix. I changed the wire nuts to bullet connectors.


IF it is the tweeter, you might also replace both tweeters with ’better’ ones. i.e. get help from Madisound, .... My JSE Infinite Slope Model 2’s: I replaced my Dynaudio D21’s (they burnt out too easily, common problem with that model) with some Focals, blended/sounded terrific, and ferro-fluid never burnt out.

IF it gets tricky, I presume you have the original specs of the speakers/whatever details you can gather, and you have the good tweeter, you can remove and measure it's resistance, get all the clues you can.

You can remove the woofer(s) photograph the crossover parts, test the crossover parts


Wish it was a loose connection, or a bad crossover... Acoustic Zen soldered all connections and used very nice wire.  I have several tweeters on hand and connected up a polk tweeter and laid it in the hole, it works fine so I know the tweeter is the only problem.  Still haven't gotten through to the company, their voicemail continues to be full.  Thanks for your thoughts.

If you get desperate, you could try tracking down this unit. This site looks kinda sketchy, so I'm not sure I would purchase from them, but the product name leads me to believe this could be the same unit with a different mounting plate ( square vs. Rounded corners).

I doubt AZ makes their own drivers so have you gone to madisound  to compare tweeters?  Maybe checking the resistance of the working unit can help narrow the choices

If I was you I would call Millersound speaker repair and inquire with Bill regarding the possibility of repairing your tweeter?  They are absolutely top notch.

Finally got an answer on the phone, will be sending the tweeter in for repair!  Hopefully it will turn out great!!


Thanks for the Millersound recommendation.  The AZ tweets are proprietary as far as I can tell.. thank goodness there is someone at AZ.

Sorry for the delayed answer... life has had me busy.  I received the tweeter back from repair and it still took me a month to get around to installing it.  It takes solder connections, so it isn't just sliding on the connectors and screwing it to the cabinet.  This is the better way to connect drivers, just had to get my soldering rig out.  The new tweeter works Great!... now there is balance to the system and I can get to enjoying some music again.  Acoustic Zen is alive and well, a small company stretched to the limits perhaps with time, but once you get in contact with them, speedy response and fantastic results.

Robert at AZ can be a little hard to get a hold of sometimes, as he is a very busy man. But once you get him by email or phone he is very helpful and a man of his word.

I have been using his cables and power cords for years. 

Happy customer!

Wishing AZ the best.

Hiya there, can somebody help to verify kindly for me. I try to reach Acoustic Zen webpage at It returns me 404 error. It is also for others, I would need some technical docs from their webpage and I also unable to reach them. But I guess they are still in operation as last posts here are pretty very new?

I'm from Europe and if somebody can buzz them about the website I would kindly appreciate this as I can not obtain any other contact E mail address I could reach them. Thank you.

Any news on Robert Lee, folks? I also ordered a pair of tweeters for my Crescendos last week, but no contacts since, no phone, no email, he doesn’t even charge my card. He (Robert) is a man of his word, and as of now I’m kind of worried about his well-being.