adagios vs veenas

Anyone familiar with Acoustic Zen Adagios vs Reference 3A Grand Veenas?I own the Adagio and am considering the Grand Veenas in a 12x16 room.
Heard both--they are excellent speakers-my pref would be for
the Veenas as I feel they allow more air around the instruments and depth to Vocals.

Fine line though--the Veenas like tubes

Good luck

I haven't heard the Adagios, but it's hard to go wrong with the GV. They do everything across the board pretty good, and are very special at some things. But most importantly they convey the gestalt of the music.

Scrolling through the forums, I read the title of this topic as 'audiophiles vs. vegans" I like it!
I have the Veena (love them) not the Grand Veena, I think the GV may be over the top for a room that size.
Thanks guys but I have been afraid of purchasing to much speaker for my room,so I will hold off on anything to overpowering and think refinement.Perhaps a Magico Mini or YG carmel or Raido.
Nuforce ref9v3se,Hovland HP100mc,Theta compli blu,Nordost red dawn cabling,Thorens ultimate 126mk2 DenonR
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My Adagios have upgraded crossovers modified by Robert Lee himself and are bi-wired.I think the grip in the low end is improved although lowest registers are still lighter than live.They speak with one voice something that I'm sensitive to and fear I may lose with the 3AGV.A refined sound that can carry through to lowest registers in a small room is my goal.In their price range the Adagios get close but I can afford 6 to 8 grand used now so I'm looking and taking suggestions and trying to hear as many speakers myself as I can.Time to have some fun!
I assure you that you won't lose any coherence with the GV. I came from Green Mountain Audio speakers that specialize in time/phase coherence loudspeakers and the Grand Veena is at the very least their equal in that regard.

Anyone familiar with Tidal Piano or Rockport Mira compared with these we've been discussing?
So I'm purchasing Grand Veenas will be home to listen in about two weeks,but want to ask other owners this,I have small room 12 x 15 x 9 and larger room 24 x 16 x 14 which suits these better Reviews seem to differ.
I had my Grand Veenas in a room very similar to your larger room and they worked great. That room would be my choice.

Just received my Grand Veenas I'll let you know how I feel about the change of speakers by the weekend.So far so good do you have BEs ?
What happened? And why didn't you message me and sell them to me cheap? ;-)
I have gone down the high efficiency rabbit hole and I like it. I started with a pair of Klipsch Cornwal ls and they showed me what is possible. I now have a pair of Bob Crites Cornscalas and am very happy with these.

By the way I am surprised with the Veenas in my small room.Very happy so clean and full range.
I changed my amp from a VTL ST-150 to a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos. The Cornscalas need very little power. I will likely try an SET at some point, I think 10-15 watts is plenty.

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The Veenas in general sound clearer.Even better imaging more dynamic too.I recently added a Thorens ultimate restoration with a nice Denon 103 R.let me say this rig sounds great.I would like to change amps from my Nuforce V3SEs,and go for a better set of amps I've thought about an MC 452,JC-1 Halo,EDGE 10 series or Belles MB200.What a ya think.Will be best for the Veenas?
I think tubes will be best. They are an easy load and sound great with tubes.

I just sprung for the latest version of the VTL ST 150 to drive my Grand Veenas.Since you had this same combination I wanted to get your opinion on leaving my Nuforce ref 9 v3 amps behind.
I think the VTL is a fine amp. I am not much on class d amps, I bet the VTL wins the day.

Well Shakey after 4 months now with VTLs latest ST150,the one with the nice silver face with those beautiful KT88's behind glass.I have to say I really prefer my old Nuforce V3 SE mono blocks.There is no comparison in the bass.Ref 9s smoke the VTL in this region in every way texture depth and tight.The VTL is sweet in the mid-range and although pleasant I don't think I prefer it over the clarity of the Nuforce.The soundstage is more open also with These particular Class D amps.Now I am pleased with the VTL,but I would like to slip on some Nuforce 18s next and never look back.