I have been looking for a quality 120 volt multiple outlet unit for awhile. Recently,while perusing the  ADD-POWR website I noticed they had exactly what I was looking for; a quality 8 outlet unit with Furutech receptacles for a price that was at least half and in one case a third of the competitors I was looking at. I like a bargain and this definitely is. It also has their harmonic pulse resonance technology which none of the competition does. 


I went to their site, and when you click on any product for details and a picture, all that you get is a white screen with their header and a pulsating gray dot. 

I bought one for my computer room. Moden, EtherRegen, Afterdark Clock, power supply etc.



I can see pictures of the products now. Which one did you buy> When I hit on power bar, there are a lot of products on that page.

Might compare to Cullen  Power Box product.  Gold Series uses 3 Pass Seymour plugs (6 outlet) also with 4 ft Gold Series OFC copper power cord, $239.  I special ordered one with no cord, but with connector to use my owm PC, in powder coat black.  Can't recall price.  Took a few weeks.  V nice.


Furman makes some very nice and moderately priced Power Strips

From memory - SB6



I don’t really understand it, but I recall some British gear years ago bragging that they had it and it was important, so when I bought a power strip, I chose one where each outlet was star grounded.

Here’s an explanation that I found on the internet.

A type of grounding scheme used in some studios to prevent ground loops. It requires isolating each piece of gear from AC ground (using a ground lift adapter) and running a separate ground wire from the chassis of each piece (including the racks themselves) back to the main studio ground (we call this “Technical Earth”). This “Tech Earth” gets connected back to a main AC ground, and/or a large copper rod driven 18 feet into the ground. Thus every piece of gear still has AC fault protection, but no earth grounds are tied together. Technically limited ground loops can still exist in the studio signal wiring, but the path length differences are minimized to an extent that it isn’t likely to be a problem. Star Grounding is a time consuming and complex wiring scheme, but is generally very effective at preventing ground loops and works great in conjunction with other measures such as telescoping shields. Occasionally you’ll still find some piece of gear that requires audio transformers to eliminate ground loops. Generally you’ll find that with today’s equipment, you really don’t have to go as far as all this. Telescoping shields, balanced lines, and careful consideration to signal cable wiring with today’s equipment is often good enough.

According to the company, the Powr Bar emplys ElectraClear electronics. This is the harmonic resonance platform. So it is similar to their eau2 and eau4 resonators. There is no star grounding. Imo that is a trivial feature. I bet it blows away power strips costing 2x to 30x as much! 

+1 for Cullen Gold - really well made and reasonable.

Added a Puron AC filter to the Cullen 6 outlet and I've got a non-throttling power conditioner that really works for less than $600.


I don't know what your budget is, but I bought mine around 12 years ago for less than $250.00. The brand is Cable Pro, and it was made in Texas. I read recommendations for it here on Audiogon I think. The company apparently shut its doors when the owner died. I don't think that a power strip needs to be very expensive to be star grounded.

I'm considering selling my two Wizards. I don't seem to be gaining any positive effect from them. Well built and all, but not contributing to my environment.

There is probably something wrong with your system or environment. Remove all other accessories and tweaks. Then re-instlall each Wizard and observe. Remember that these units are not filters nor noise reduction devices.