Advice please.

I’m looking to purchase new speakers and would like some advice. My system is a modest one so I hope that you will bear with me. I am currently using a pair of Focal 836 V’s powered by a NAD M3 integrated dual mono amp. My price range is $4,000-$5,000. I’m considering either B&W 702 S2 or Paradigm Prestige 95F. Any advice would be appreciated please and thank you.
What’s your room like, music style and very importantly SPL expectations????
Room is rather small (approx. 20 X 20 feet); musical preference is classic rock. I generally do not listen to music at very loud levels. Not sure exactly what the concept of SPL is. Sorry.
My suggestion to you is go listen to whatever these guys try to convince you is best before you buy. If you cant listen to set first then move on down the line.
  I have had great luck with used Klipsch speakers and while they might require recapping the crossovers the basic component list will last for decades unless abused. You can buy a whole lot more sound quality on the used market for the dollars spent than buying new will ever get you.
Listening to anything outside your own room is at best, tainted

If you hurry, Emerald Physics has a few pairs of their outstandingly reviewed open baffle speakers, all of which have a small footprint. I have owned the KCIIs with upgrades for 3+ years ~ $3K; everything I changed in my system is immediately heard.

Once upon a time I owned Magnepan 3.5Rs. I much prefer the KCIIs. All EPs are super efficient and easy to drive.

EP is offering the KCII Pros with carbon fiber drivers and polyester tweeters for $1295 OMGosh!, but have several higher up models all reduced to under $4K

You can do better potentially.  The question is what do you want in terms of sound?  
Are you looking for enhanced detail or a better, more immersive soundstage or a bit of both.  The two speakers you mention are wonderful in terms of detail.  Not so sure about Soundstage.

I would look seriously at the Revel Performa3 F208s.  They will pair well with your amp and will give a better soundstage. 
You should also look at Scansonic.  The MB3.5 B and the MB5 B are obscenely good speakers and will work well in a room your size.  There are several reviews of the MB5s and they have since been redesigned.  
I am a Scansonic dealer.  I have no relationship with Revel.  
You can do a lot better, even at new prices.  And if you considered gently used, you could get something great.  Just looking at Audiogon today: Dynaudio Contour 30, Spendor D7, Reference 3A SEMA, PMC Twenty5 24, Fyne F702.  You could wait for a Vandersteen Treo CT.  Check the "other" listing site too.  The world's your oyster.
The good news is that your amp is going to drive just about anything! And 20x20 is not  a "rather small" listening room - that's a lot of space to fill.
With that in mind, the aforementioned Reference 3A SEMA and the PMC will do well. You should also look into Dali speakers. They fill the room at moderate volumes as you mentioned.
What aspects of stereo performance are most important to you, and what would you like to improve upon over your current speakers?
What would I like to improve upon over my current speakers? Better sound - specifically better bass (read: more punchy bass), cleaner and more detailed. I’ve had 2 pairs of Focals in the last almost 20 years: Chorus 736 S and Chorus 836 S. The 836’s sound much better than the 736’s. But I have listened to both the Paradigms and the B&W’s I mentioned in my original post and can not decide between them. What I was hoping for was some input/opinions as to which would be better Or more appropriate for listening to rock music. It is the only music I listen to except for the occasional jazz fusion bands. I do not want to buy a pair of Cerwin Vegas or have to add a subwoofer. Just looking to improve over the 12-year old Focals i now have hooked up but to improve over all especially the bass. Thanks.
You might want to listen to a pair of the Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers, they run around $4,500.00 a pair but can be had for less if you shop around.
Given the style of music and the volume levels you play it at. I would look at Zu Audio. Klipsch is another speaker to look at, the vocals are fairly loud in the treble region so you may enjoy the way Klipsch projects music. Zu audio would be my first pick though. 
+1 on the Acoustic Zens! I used to own a pair and really, really enjoyed them. Moved on to my current Spatials only because they pair better with my amplifier. But the Adagios are killer speakers that resolve beautifully no matter the volume.

Try giving Robert Lee a call (he makes them). Tell him Simon recommended you talk with him. I doubt he'll remember me but I called him on the advice of another Audiogoner who recommended AZ's and it was a pleasure talking with Mr. Lee and perhaps getting a deal on his speakers.
You say you don't want to add a subwoofer but in the next breath you want to improve "especially the bass".

A subwoofer or better yet, a pair of subwoofers will give you the most flexability for the quest of better bass. The biggest advantage being able to move them around the room to the best location for the least amount of cancellation. They also have the advantage of adjusting the phase which has a huge effect on bass frequency cancellation.

Subwoofers give you far more flexibility to properly tune the bass frequency than having the restriction of floor standers in a set location.
I think you should heed the lack of endorsement of your two top original picks.

If you want to improve bass performance in your room or in your current system setup the new B&W 702 S2 will not be good choice. These 702 S2 mainly emphasize on midrange and upper registers (highs) and sounded somewhat bright as they reveal the highs & mids and are pretty dominant. The bass (upper bass & lower bass) are lacking especially in the upper bass and mid-bass region.
These speakers aren’t quite suitable for classic rock since you mentioned earlier that you mostly listen to classic rock.

Good JBL speakers (good ones) might be more suitable for your musical tastes or preferences. JBL are mostly and traditionally rock speakers. The bass is punchy and powerful and is chest pounding bass but still controlled. 

The newest latest generation/version of Monitor Audio Gold 200 5g or 300 5g speakers are awesome especially for the money. These new 5th gen (latest version) of MA Gold series 5g are close in performance or sound quality to those of the latest gen of MA Platinum series II speakers at only a fraction of the cost of those of latest gen/version of the MA Platinum series II speaker lineup.
These new pest latest 5g version of the MA Gold 200 5g or the 300 5g are very smooth, much smoother and way more laid back than their previous Gold series 4g models and are way more refined more musical. Tonally these newest latest 5g versions of the Gold 200 5g & the 300 5g speakers are leaned towards on the warmer side whereas I found the previous MA Gold series models 4g version are somewhat bright for music but great for home theater.
But that being said, I’m not quite sure if these latest gen of the MA Gold 200 5g or the 300 5g speakers are right for your musical tastes & preferences. They might be too refined too laid back for classical rock music. They don’t rock the same way as those JBL. Look for good quality JBL speakers, not the ones they sell at Best Buy or Frys. They might be the right speakers for you since you listen to mostly classical rock music.

Klipsch RF-7 III’s? And I am in fact heeding the lack of endorsement for my first 2 choices. Thanks. 
The Monitor Audio Golds are out of my price range unfortunately but I had admired them without being able to consider them.
You're going to spend ~$3500 for the RF-7's new. I just feel for that price you can get a pair of a much better used Dali, Ac. Zen, or Zu
I found a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagio’s for $2500 CAD in Hamilton (I live in Montreal). Have messaged the seller to see about shipping etc. very good price in my mind. Thanks to you simao for your suggestion.