Aftermarket power cord

I'm wondering if its better to connect an aftermarket powercord directly from a wall socket to my preamp, or from my MonsterCable HTS5000 power center? I have read that its better to have power directly from the wall socket to a power amp, does this also pertain to a preamp? I'm also wondering if I will receive the sonic benefits I'm looking for if the power is passed through the power center and then the aftermarket cord?
I use a HTS-2000 with aftermarket cords to my power amps, but use PS audio P300 with aftermarket cords to my preamp.
Direct from wall to power amp sounds harsh; try it, your set up may sound different.
As Estmad stated the results may be different depending on the actual combination of equipment used.
In my case I run aftermarket power cords from my HTS 2000 to everything (also changed the stock PC on the HTS + hospital grade Hubbel plug) except amplifier that is fed directly from wall through Camelot Sir Bors power cord. Estmad the P 300 is in my wish list.......
I tried wall direct and through the HTS and with it I got the best results with my preamp.
Do some testing and make your decision
I have found quite a bit of sonic benefit to using a really good cord from the wall to a power strip. Certainly a bigger improvement than from the power strip to an amp.

I have tried various products similar to the Monster (Panamax MAX1000+, Richard Gray 400S) and now I just use a power strip with an IEC connector and a very good power cord (Electra Glide FatMan). Sounds better than any power conditioners under $1000. The power strips I use are the Vans Evers Super Companion ($150) and the WireWorld Electrifier ($35)