Albert Von Schweikert VR-4

Hello kindred spirits; I need some advice/impressions. I am considering a pristine (truly mint) pair of Von Schweikert VR-4, first edition. These have the optional rosewood end-caps and the upgraded silver wiring. I have an opportunity to buy them for $1,200. Cost in 1999 approx. $4,000.

I have enjoyed, but gotten rid of over the last few years, such goodies as the Meadowlark Shearwater "Hotrods", Apogee Duetta II (developing a slight rattle on bass notes) and a vintage pair or Yammy NS-1000 (I bought them for $40, believe it or not). I need a fitting replacement.

I auditioned the VR-4 in an audio showroom. The components included a Cambridge Audio Azur 740C CD player, a Musical Fidelity A3CR line-stage preamp, and a Boulder SS amp (model unknown). I really liked the VR-4; wide soundstage, very detailed imaging, and great mid-range for vocals & strings. Seemed a little rolled off on the treble, though. The bass is amazing, down to a true 20hz.

I'm not sure I can duplicate the sound in my listening room, however, and at 150 lbs. each its not practical to try them out. Online research indicates they were widely used as studio monitors in many recording and film studios (hard to believe given their size and weight), and the reviews seem universally good. Does anyone have any significant experience with these speakers??
Based on your description--you seem to really like these speakers. That my friend is half the battle. Forget about what other "experts" think. If you like them, then that's all there is to it. Personally, I think you would be hard pressed to find better based on the condition and price. I am a little baffled as to your comment on the highs, as this is definitely not a characteristic of the VR-4. They use a metal dome tweeter and are very detailed and not rolled off at all. Also, Yes they are 150lbs each, but they seperate into 2 sections per speaker, so they are easy to move around. This "expert" says go for it.
Thanks Jig! Appreciate your thoughts. I can't think of a better sound for the price either.
I owned a pair of the VR4 Silver speakers from 1996-1999. I must say I really enjoyed them and at 1200.00 they are a steal. If you have the room to support them, I would not hestiate. As you already know, they are capable of prodigious bass response, so get them well out into the room. The VR4 bass is not as detailed and taut as I like, but is still pretty good. It was one of their shortcomings, along with less than stellar top end resolution. But even with that being said, they are still very fun speakers to listen to. And much better than the Shearwaters you mentioned.

Thanks guys. I jumped on them, and will give you a report once I get them in my listening room!
That's a good price. I have VR4 SR Mark II and love em. I also have a pair of VR1 monitors for a second system (not hooked up now). I think VS speakers are a bargain for the used price and very fun and easy to listen to. They give you plenty of detail, a good soundstage, and pretty darn smooth mid range, and are well built with good components, as a general family rule.
Klipschking, it has been almost 1.5 year since your original post. Did you get them? How do you like them?
Sorry for the delay. I did buy them, and I'm still in LOVE!! It is rare for us "audiophile" types to hang on to a component for long without the itch to upgrade. While I've upgraded my digital source (to a sweet Cary Audio 303/300 tubed CD player), I have no itch to leave the VR4s. Just flat out incredible sound; I'd have to spend more than 10 grand to match them with a current speaker. Highly recommended!!!
Just got a pair of VR-4 Gen IIs and am loving them as well. Not fully appreciating how heavy each individual speaker was I arragnged an in home trial period (being worried about how they'd fare in a 13x15 room along the long wall). Even in a less than ideal room, these sound fabulous. Probably not taking full advantage of the rear tweeter but evn without that, the sound has never been better. I had been using monitors (the excellent waveguide SP Tech Minis) due to the room size, but amazingly the Vr-4s don't overload the room but still give me the sense of scale and impact that monitors cannot provide.
Personally they're not for me...nor is Albert....however, if you like the sound, you should get them....sounds like a deal.
I own the Von Schweikert vr-35s (upgraded) and they are simply amazing. Albert makes incredible speakers and is a fine man.