Albert Porter

What has happened to Albert Porter?
He’s around. Talked to him last week.
I like Albert- straight shooter and a character. 
Since I moved to Texas, I've been 'fixin' to visit with him-- we are a few hours apart. 
" around ", sort of. He no longer participates in Audiogon discussions, who can say why.
Thanks- Yes, I too used to participate, and he did too, frequently. Did a quick search today, and couldn't find any posts. I understand. Audiogon isn't what it once was. Sad.
Post on his system page and Albert will likely respond. I think he's less inclined to the more general philosophical stuff (my guess) but more than willing to speak concretely about what he is doing. 
Besides, there is not much to discuss left, especially for someone who is very experienced long time no-nonsense audiophile with top level system. 
I have done business with Albert lately - as always a terrific experience.

Alot of people have moved on or lost interest in Agon but a new crop has come onboard like most sites.  I have been lurking around here since 2000 and don’t post nearly as much but still visit often.  I try to only contribute when I know what I am talking about and these days I find I know less than I used to.  
This is neither a reflection on Albert, nor of this site. Sites change as members shift interest, new members join and the topics change to a degree as the "technology" changes. I’ve seen this on some of the car boards on which I used to participate. Some of it is a reflection of a "healthy" forum that is keeping pace with topics of interest to the readership. For example, I would bet there’s much more discussion now than there was 10 years ago of DACs, and digital taken to a serious level than there used to be (perhaps I’m wrong and this is a reflection of my own biases since I’ve only recently ’evolved’ into using digital more seriously). And there does seem to be a raft of new members here who are very active and contribute. I think that's good. 
As to Albert, write to him and say hello! He’s still very active in the hobby. I’m not sure he has time to post on other fora- I don’t see him elsewhere on the web but I can’t speak for him- ask him!
Exactly right whart - well said.  Your point about technology is also spot on - I am strictly vinyl and do not know the first thing about digital.  Although I am learning on this and other sites. 

My player isn’t even hooked up currently and when it is, because I have loads of CD’s, it is Meridian from the dark ages!  Delta Sigma baby!
Recently had some conversations with him. Altogether great guy and a good person to do business with.
I had dinner with Albert last night. He is encyclopedic on analog. I asked him to help me because I'm considering adding analog to my system. It was a lot of fun and I learned a great deal. If you want an honest answer, then ask Albert.
Ask Albert what the stewardess said to the two vultures boarding an airplane?
Thanks for asking about me.  I always respond to posts on my own system thread but admit I have not followed the forums as I once did.

Anyone who looks at Audiogon ads know I fell in love with Allnic sound nearly 10 years ago and now represent them.   For that reason I frequently avoid conversation about other brands although there are a lot of excellent pieces on the market today. 

In many ways there are more great choices now than ever before, and at every price level.  The problem is figuring out which combination will result in good sound.

I think pretty much everyone knows the room and speakers are the two main factors.  Many of the other choices are an effort to balance the outcome. 

I have not read comments as much lately but in the past a lot of high end systems (even at audio shows) were drastically tipped up in the high frequencies and presentation in your face.   I’m uncomfortable with that, I want to be fixed on the music, not thinking about what the equipment is doing.

Digital was always a problem for me, over the years I tolerated it but really didn’t connect emotionally.  Only after Allnic developed the D-5000 DHT (Direct Heater Triode) did I get excited about digital sound.   The clincher was the addition of the Aurender W20 music server which I absolutely love.

I also have the Bricasti M1 SE.   It’s not quite as warm as the Allnic DHT but a beautiful piece with very low noise and excellent tonal balance.    So some things in this hobby represent true progress even if it takes thirty five years to achieve it.

Albert, what speakers do you like ? I know you have JM Labs Grand Utopia. Besides it.
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Without regard to price, just from standpoint of great sound for what each is, the following in no particular order:

Focal Grande EM
Quad 57
Rockport Arrakis
Dynaudio Evidence Platinum
Dynaudio Confidence C1 Platinum
Dali Megaline
Magneplanar 20.1 (20.7)

I’m sure I’m leaving some out that should be on my list.
@albertporter - Don't want to put you on-the-spot but have you heard any "Raven Audio" products? I believe they hail from Texas and look well built. May see them at the upcoming AXPONA show. Thanks
Inna you are correct, my connection to hearing Kharma speakers on a regular basis was broken when the guy in my audio group that owned them dropped off the face of the earth.

Actually he married a beautiful woman,  had a child and now spends all his time with them.  But who can blame him for that :-)  ?

I have not heard the newer version but your comment made me look up their website, appears they have made a number of changes and no doubt a even better speaker now than before.   Maybe I can hear one at a show sometime.
Hello Dweller,

I did their advertising photography a few years ago, probably they have changed things since then but I had many of their products here for an extended time for photography and listening to each.

Dave is a nice guy, easy to get along with and works very hard to promote the brand.   I prefer the sound of Allnic and will leave it at that.

I also listened to them at RMAF and spoke at length with Dave, I think many folks liked what they heard there so I think they will have good success.  

I’m sure I’m leaving some out that should be on my list.

Yes you are.  Your beloved Sound Labs.

Absolutely correct !
They say memory is the second thing to go.  I can't remember what the first thing is :-).