Albertporter only needs 50

Hey Audiogoners,

Albertporter has made a great offer to coordinate the bulk purchase of cryoed Hubbel outlets. My feeling if it's good enough for Albert's system, it's good enough for mine. But we need more people to participate to make it worth while. Check this post out:

If you don't have time to check out the entire post here is Albert's offer:

"If a group of you want to go together, buy a box or case of outlets, I can get a quantity discount for us for the full cryo treatment. There will be no special packaging or wrappers, but you will have ultimate performance for a fraction of the cost.(This is exactly what I did)."

I spoke with Albert earlier today and he is willing to arrange for the purchase of the outlets in Dallas, have them treated and then probably ship them out Fedex ground. Albert would be doing us all a favor and his only interest is in helping the audio community. Let him know how many you are interested in. I'm in for six (6).
No, your experience has made me afraid to install my receptacles. This kind of variability drives me crazy!

Lak, how would a cable cooker be effective with an outlet? Rather, how would it be more effective than plugging in a space heater or two for the same amount of time?
Drubin, that's a good question and I don't understand enought about the process to explain it. The man with the answers (I think) would be Alan Kafton. You could email him from his website:
Perhaps he would be willing to post here?
Maxgain, remove your outlets and clean the copper wire ends with brasso, flitz or wenol. I cleaned the wire clamps inside the recepticle also, along with the blade contacts, use a toothpick and pipecleaners. You will be amazed at all the black grunge that will be removed. After using the metal cleaner, wipe down with alcohol or de-ox-it to remove all metal cleaner residue. This should keep you busy while you wait for the funds for your new speakers to come rolling in! I have had the Porter Plugs in for over a week now and have not experienced any of the symtoms you describe. The outlets sounded great from the get go ....
Dill thanks,
I did polish the copper romex ends with Simichrome(very similar to Flitz) and then cleaned that off with Cramolin and then wiped that off. I Didn't mess with the outlets other than wipeing them clean as I was not sure how the bare copper may react with something like ProGold in the long run. The outlets were quite free of any oxidation and I didn't want to create a big green mess that is that hard to get at and needs constant attention.The black stuff that comes off on the rag isn't all grundge. Some of what you see is part of a chemical reaction between the metal and the compound you are using. Flitz has a fine abrasive in it which like Simichrome removes a small amount of metal as you polish as well.
I am glad yours are sounding great already. Mine sounded great in so many ways right off, today was excelent other than what I mentioned before.

Drubin, I intended to burn mine in somewhere other than my system. I just decided I wanted to experience the changes as they took place. You could have the same experience that Dill is having and they sound great out of the box. I think that the worst may be over as they have sounded pretty smooth for a couple days in a row. I have to say the bass was a bit better today, as I had to back the sub level slightly off this afternoon from where I had it last night.
Day eleven.
Good news to report today. The bass is slowly developing back to its former self. The punch and weight are starting to return. I turned the sub back off once again this morning and it is almost back to the setting where it was prior to the installation of the outlets. Everything else sounds great today! There is an ease and pace that is unmistakeable. The detail is phenomenal without being bright or forward. There seems to be a sence of continousness(I think this may be something that HP,of The Absloute Sound, talked about at one point). By this, I mean that the space that instruments exist in is very distinct but the harmonics and ambient decay are able to flow freely and sort of intermingle and overlap in a way that they never have before. It fleshes out the soundstage and just makes it sound more life like. Sounds don't just die off, they float out and you can hear them seem to travel. In other words, WOW.
If it gets better now it will just be a bonus. When the bass fianlly gets back its former drive it will be complete!

Drubin, I would be concerned about running anything that gets hot 24/7. Don't want to burn the house down! That is a burn in you won't like! the fans seem to be doing the trick but it does take a while. Right now I feel like I am over the hump with the burn in. It may throw me a curve in a day or two, I will wait and see. So far it has been an adventure. But I am learning a lot in the process and I am sure it was a good move giving these a try!