Allman, Clapton, and Simon

Well, ever since my mid-1970's high school days, I've always been a big fan of Greg Allman, Eric Clapton, and Paul Simon. So, naturally, now that I'm a 55 yr. old music lover, who's still a big fan of these three great musicians, I recently bought each of their new albums (errr... excuse me, ... CD's) All I can say is WOW !!! These three guys are still writing great songs and still singing sweet music. Bravo, and thanks for still doing your thing, boys. You're all to be commended. You're still proving to be the cream of the crop.
....okay I will be the first on this thread. I agree with two out of three of your choices....and I was very disappointed on one of these pieces, one in which I waited years for ! I even did the research to try and understand the '' back - drop '' of the music / area in which it was created.....Low Country Blues to me was a big disappointment. I am an Allman Brother's fan since the early seventies and have closely followed Gregg's career. But, I just can't get into this one...the other two are great ...but this one no way. I personally attribute it to T Bone Burnett's obvious '' stamp '' on this music - as he just takes any life out of the music and is mixed way too dark and muddled for me to even enjoy. T Bone Burnnet has a done a terrfic job with Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, John Mellencamp and Ryan Bingham's stuff......not on this one. Maybe if someone else had produced it would have been better ....I have seen The Gregg Allamn band twice in the last year and a half....and his live music in no way sounds like the stuff on this new disc....whooaa I feel better. But, yes, there is still some great stuff here to enjoy by these elder statesmen.
The Allman cd is one of the worst recordings I've purchased. Its a shame because I really like his blues. Its so muddled I won't play it.
"Well, ever since my mid-1970's high school days, I've always been a big fan of Greg Allman, Eric Clapton, and Paul Simon. So, naturally, now that I'm a 55 yr. old music lover"

God you are F--ing old. I am only 54! HA! But I still love these guys to.
Well, maybe my infatuation with Allman's new album is due to the fact that I bought it as soon as it was released, shortly after I saw him give a great concert with the Brothers. Gregg singing and playing his Hammond B-3, Warren and Derek on guitars, and Butch and Jaimoe on drums. It was a really fine night..... And even if the CD is not the best quality recording, it's still pretty cool that this guy is entertaining us after all these years, and with a new liver and good health. With guys like Paul Simon, Clapton, and Gregg Allman still making records, all "us old guys" will stay pretty happy.
Adam 18 ....good point !!!....because there is very little talent behind those guys. Let's not also forget about Robbie Robertson's new stuff....I have not heard it it yet. Any comments on that one ????
Yeah, Robbie Robertson shouldn't be forgotten either. By gosh, "The Last Waltz" seems like yesterday. Robbie on stage with The Band, and joined by Dylan, Mitchell, Clapton, Dr. John, Morrison, Young, Diamond, etc., etc. I have not heard his new album, but I have read some good reviews about it.

And to add to this line of thinking...... a lot of people seem upset that these "old timers" are still making records and still going on tour. I, on the other hand, think it's absolutely marvelous that they are still doing what they love, and still making us happy. Forty years after "Live at Filmore East," and we're still hearing new music from Allman. Where are these rap and hip-hop guys going to be after 40 years ?
I really like Ronnie Wood's last CD, too (although not everyone seems to agree with me). All of these guys (even Paul Simon on his new CD) are still working it from the blues and that's why they continue to shine, IMHO.

I have only heard bits & pieces of Simon's latest but sounds good to me and is on my next buy list...did recently pick up Robertson's latest and am very satisfied. Some great music in his "style" along with meningful lyrics...if you liked his past releases then you owe it to yourself to pick this one up!
You can add Richard Thompson ( Fairport Convention ) to the list of old timers still making great music. I saw him at SIERRA NEVADA BREWERY in Chico, CA in March. Absolutely great, as are most of his cd's / albums. The latest, Dream Attic was great.
Of artists that came to age in that era, I love several recent albums. Nils Lofgren singing Neil Young is a really beautiful acoustic album. Patti Smith also did a recent covers albums--nice tour of 60s classics.
I love the new Brian Ferry and Doobie Brothers albums--rank amongst their best--all new material that sounds like their basic cannon. Without question, Paul Simon's album is the best he has done since Graceland.
Got my LP copy of "How To Become Clairvoyant". What I noticed about the vinyl itself is, is the label? if there is one, seems to be a part of the vinyl record itself. The label doesn't stand proud, it seems as though it is integrated into the vinyl itself. I drug my fingernail lightly along the two surfaces and couldn't detect seam. Cool! Maybe a trend is starting here. Anyone else noticed this on newer LPs?
I agree with you completely. It is amazing that these guys are still alive, much less making new music. I also agree with some of the posts above about Bryan Ferry and Neil Young. One nontraditional source of music I have enjoyed in recent years is the live recordings of the Allman Brothers from the Jazzfest in New Orleans. You can find them at or sometimes from the Jazzfest website. The quality is great. I am particularly fond of Greg's version of Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic" from the 2010 show featuring some beautiful slide work from Derek. If you like the feeling of "being there" and want to test your system, these Jazzfest cd's are a great place to start.
Picked up Greg Allman's Low Country Blues from the library. Gave it a spin and returned it. Didn;t even bother to burn it.

Picked up Paul Simon;s new one too. Burned that one. My only complaint is that it is way over compressed, especially the first track. My ears hurt from the suckout as the guitar and bass drum sound together to make that rythm. Good songs though, but compromised non "audiophile" sound.

Need to check out Clapton and Robbies newest stuff.
I got Greg Allman's Low Country album and was very disappointed and just put it away. At some point I read a positive review or heard a song from it, something that made me give it another chance. I listened to it and really like it now. I believe it was just my expectations of it that were out of line for what it was, I guess I was expecting Enlightened Rogues revisited or something IDK. But I think it's pretty darn good now.
Low country is a great album. I think it sounds good too, it has an old fashioned bottom end to go with the old blues songs. it's not supposed to sound like modern compressed, bright albums. it's blues not blues rock.