Am I right for this forum?

I’ve been an Audiogon member for some years now; I remember (fondly) "millercarbon," for example, which will mean something to some of you. And I’ve been a lover of audio equipment since high school—so, for over 50 years (I graduated in 1973). And yet...more and more, I find myself alienated from this forum, even though I do still read it regularly.

I do have what I consider a very "high-fidelity" system. I’ve written a very long account of my "audio journey," complete with many photos, but not "published" it on this site. I’m also a member of our local audio club, which includes several very well-heeled members who have systems costing more than most homes (one of them owns equipment valued at nearly a million dollars, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: his system is housed in a separate structure purpose-built for it that cost well over a million). I play cello and guitar; my wife plays piano, my daughter piano and violin. We play those instruments in the same room occupied by my main audio system, and so I can attest to the "fidelity" of that system’s reproduction.

And system cost me less than $3,000 in total. I don’t lust after any particular "upgrade," even though I read reviews and all the many accounts of improvements in "SQ" documented in this forum. I an "audiophile," or not? Do I belong here, or not?

I’m listening right now to a wonderful bit of Mozart. I also love Tool. And Christy Moore. And Eva Cassidy. And so many others. I agree with Nietzsche: without music, life would be a mistake. But am I an audiophile? Do I belong on this forum?

Any sympathy here? Anyone else feel alienated from the "audiophile community" despite loving the miracle of audio technology?


We were at a party last week and I was talking to my girlfriend’s uncle from FL who I just met. We were talking about music and my lady said " Steve’s an audiophile" I kind of just cringed... I thought , oh I hope this guy doesn’t think I’m a douche

I really didn’t want to talk about gear, just music.


I too miss @millercarbon. And agree with @snilf that he was what I call a character. A great balance of bluster, knowledge and even humility when it came to admitting that he only knew what he liked. He also helped me in my audio journey.   I will add that I read this forum much quicker than I used to. Yes very good info still here, but not as fertile as it once was.  Thank you @erik_squires ​​​​@mahgister and many others that escape me pre-coffee for your knowledge. 


The music was very severely it goes.

Are you a Kurt Vonnegut fan?

That's too bad that the new conductor felt the need to change things so drastically, at least relative to what you liked.

I’ve spent well over 3k on cables alone! 🙄

If your system @3k sounds good to you, then that is what matters. Pat yourself on your back for not falling into the proverbial rabbit hole.

Acoustics science is the only efficient exorcism of the demon of consumerism conditioning...😊