Amp Around 60 lbs Which Sounds Like A Gryphon 300

I was just wondering if there is any integrated amp which sounds like a Gryphon Diablo 300 AND weighs around 60lbs or less.


Thanks. Let me check it out if it sounds as good as the Diablo 300. The last time I checked, there were comments that the 300 sounds much better than the 120.

Aavik I-280

I owned Luxman 590 AXII and auditioned Diablo 120 at home.
Also, compared it against Pass Labs INT 250 at a local friend’s home .
I preferred Aavik and ended up buying the U-280, which is basically I-280 plus a built-in Dac. Yes it is class D but you would never know unless someone told you. It sounds closer to a hybrid between tubes and class A.

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To split the weight, go Mono-Blocks, and a preamp with remote volume ....

A balance control is nice with mono-blocks (nice in all cases IMO)

REGA OSIRIS integrated amp

The Osiris comes in at 17″ x 14″ x 5″ (WDH) and a hefty 56 lbs. Don’t let that fool you. This thing is a brick. It’s crafted from aluminum and has a very industrial look. It cranks out 160W into 8 ohms,

“ … Where once I wondered whether the Rega pieces could keep up with established, pedigreed leaders in their class, I now find myself asking whether competitors can in fact keep up with the Isis and Osiris. They really are that good...”


What’s your budget ?  The Coda class A amp 100 wpc in pure class A is one of best amps I have heard period , and I have heard far more then most , having owned aAudio store and in audio ver 40 years  and owning many quality pieces 

this-amp is$16k retail. But even a tube lover would love this amp . TheGryphon 

is around 85 pounds  the weight shouldnot be the deciding  factor just get an extra hand . once-its there it won’t be moved around , there are a couple otherDanish Amplifier companies pretty exceptional  I have  heard  .what speakers will they be driving equally important. 

A new acquisition strategy?  Buying amps by weight.  It won't catch on.

When I needed a cheap Japanese SACD player decades ago before multi-players I told the dealer I didn't need to listen to them, they all sound the same (was wrong on that).  I just picked them up and bought the heaviest, assuming it would be better made and have better components.  It was, and is, a Marantz.

You can pick up a small class D amp and glue a bunch of bricks to it, thus achieving your 60 lb goal at much reduced cost.


Can't compare sound quality to the Gryphon, but the Boulder 866 weighs in at 54 lbs.

@swede58 Unfortunately, I did not compare the Gryphon Diablo 120 and Pass Labs INT-250 at the same time or same venue. So any conclusions one might draw from such a comparison are bound to be meaningless. Having said that, going by aural memory I liked the INT-250 a bit more. The Diablo had a more muscular, slightly darker sound. But it also had better transparency and resolution. The INT-250 had more of the tube-like bloom which I enjoyed. It also sounded bigger, but at the expense of ultimate transparency and detail. The 250 was also a bit warmer, which is my preference. From what I understand, a better comparison would have been either Diablo 120 vs PL INT-60 or Diablo 300 vs PL INT-250. But I never got a chance to listen to the Diablo 300 in my home. So take it with a grain of salt,

At the of the day, it really boils down to what kind of sound signature you prefer. For me, the Aavik U-280 kinda split the difference between the INT-250 and Diablo 120. It gives me a good dose of the Pass Labs warmth, bloom (though not to quite that extent) and the Diablo’s transparency and muscularity.

@arafiq Thanks, I have heard the Int 250 at a dealer and I own a Diablo 300 (driving Magnepan 3.7’s) but I was curious how the Pass compares to the Gryphon. Never heard an Aavik.

I agree with bobheinatz.  I owned a Diablo 300 and have listened to the Boulder 866 a few times at the dealer.  Great integrated!