Amp recommendation for Vandersteen Treo CT

   I have a pair of Vandersteen Treo CT speakers and looking for amp that goes with it. My budget is around 3k. I used to power them with Luxman L-509X and it was really good. I really do not want to spend 9k for another AMP and wanted to try a less expensive one. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Considering used Simaudio 340i and not sure whether it has got enough power to drive Treo CT.
Ayre is often paired with Vandersteen.  I have a V5xe with my Signature 3as, and it is a fantastic match.  Now that that model is discontinued, you can probably find it in your price range.

JohnnyR has been pairing Belles with Vandies lately, to much acclaim....but I haven't heard the combination yet.
For years, commsysman out in the stereophile forums has been a huge advocate for Vandersteen and Musical Fidelity.  He has the Treo's, not the Treo CTs, but has them paired with a Musical Fidelity M6 PRX with an ARC LS26 Preamp and has raved about it.  

Musical Fidelity has reintroduced that power amp and it is as spectacular as ever and is available as the M6s.  At 230w of power, it can handle those speakers well and new is $2699.

What preamp do you have?  
Thanks for the response. I'm looking for Integrated Amp since this is for my living room.
My apologies for no looking at the Simaudio unit first.  I just assumed .  Silly of me.  The Musical Fidelity M6si is spot on what you are looking for then.  Price is exactly $2999, 220w and circuitry that should sound really good with your Treo CTs.

Although a hair above your budge, you might want to look at the Rogue Pharoah as well.  Awesome integrated and if you find one used would be below budget.  It is a class D and the tube input stage is there just to tame the brightness a touch.  I have the Hydra, which is the 100w power amp.  It would also be a good fit, especially if you were to roll in a pair of NOS Cifte tubes.  

I use either Atmasphere MA-1’s or Ayre MX-R’s with my Treo’s.
Unfortunately, both are out of your price range, and, not integrated.
An Ayre AX-7e might have enough power, but it would be pushing it.
I would give Ayre a call. Ayre is a great combo with Vandy.
Where are you located?
I heard the Ayre AX-7e driving the Vienna Acoustics Liszt without breaking a sweat.  Then they put on the AX-5 (not Twenty) and of course it was better.  Stacked Belles Aria preamp and stereo amp are no larger than a Luxman integrated.

What happened to your Luxman 509X integrated amp? Why are you getting rid of it? Your Luxman 509X is a very refined integrated amp. Did it break? I would think that your Luxman 509X will be superior sounding to the above integrateds that were suggested or recommended. I don't see a point why you want to get rid of your Luxman 509X and get a cheaper one. Did it not sound good on your Vandy Treo CT speakers? 

What front end source component(s) do you have? 
@caphill - Without any question, the Luxman L-509X was the best AMP I have ever owned. I also have a pair of PS Audio BHK mono block powering my Dynaudio Confidence C4 in my main listening room. I bought Vandersteen few months ago for my living room. I don't use my living room quite often. So I was not able to justify the money I spent on Luxman. Either I need to find a reasonably priced Integrated Amp for Vandy or I need to sell it and buy KEF LS50 + small amp.
Take a look at the Kinki EX-M1 under your maximum price and at 200/400 wpc more than enough power for the Treo CT's.  I have used mine with Nola K.O.'s, Verity Otello's and Reynaud Abscissa Jubilee's and it sounds superb with all of them. 
The Treo’s are really nice speakers, one of the few I would consider replacing my Magnepans with (previously have owned 3A Sigs). As you are looking at integrated amps, and I don’t keep track of them, I won’t make a specific suggestion. That said, I will note the Treo’s are pretty inefficient at 82.5db/w, but an easy load not going below 5.5 ohms and no high phase angles. As such, you should target integrated amps with at least 100 watts per channel (100 watts will get you about 97db before clipping; if you listen at loud levels, more would be necessary).

As you already have PS Audio, have you considered the S300 amp? You could combine it with a Schiit Freya S preamp for $2,200 for a very transparent combination that takes up no more room than an integrated and runs cool.
@mcreyn       I really like PS Audio. All my gears in my listening room is all PS audio. BHK mono block, BHK pre-amp, DirectStream DAC and PS audio P10. I wanted try different option for my other room. Luxman was amazing but expensive. I'm seriously considering going back with Luxman L-505uXII.  Expensive than my current price range but I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with it. Lot of thinking to do over the weekend.
If you are considering increasing your budget, then you should seriously consider Ayre. Belles, too.
+2, for Rogue Pharaoh.  Another excellent choice would be Naim Uniti Atom. Also Belles.
The Uniti Nova is more than twice the price. The Uniti Atom can play the CT's plenty loud enough. It's power limitations are only a problem if you want volume at live concert levels. I have listened to this combo. It is also closest to the OP's budget limits.
Nice speaker like the Treo CT deserves a nice amp as well.  The best combo with an integrated that I’ve heard so far is with the Aesthetix Mimas.  It’s a little over your budget but they do sound really nice together. The bass with the Mimas just sounds right. 
Decided to go with Luxman L-505uXII for now. If I don't like it, you will see them in Audiogon in couple of months from now. My long term plan is to go with M-900u for my Dynaudio Confidence Platinum C4 and try the PS audio BHK monoblock for the Vandy's. I wish at some point, I can upgrade my Vandy's to Quatro Wood CT.
If Vandersteen goes out of his way at his seminar gatherings to suggest great performance can be had with zero or lowest feedback type design amps.Just wondering what was the driving reason behind your choices above?  
 Best JohnnyR

@audioconnection  - Cost was one of the choice. I tried Luxman L-509x was really good and I want to see how the lower end of Luxman would perform. What would be your suggestion? Just curious.
The dealer I bought my Vandersteen suggested Aesthetic Mimas. He had one but then he sold the last one. I looked into Ayre and ARC. I was not able to find Ayre in my budget and found ARC Integrated AMP this week at Audiogon but then I already ordered Luxman L-505UX Mark 2  over the weekend. Just plugged it in this afternoon. Here is my take so far. It is definitely sounds and feels like Luxman. Bass is good but not as much as L-509X. I think it needs to be broken-in.
Thanks for the reply.Let the Luxman run in and see if the pairing plays music for you.

(((The dealer I bought my Vandersteen suggested Aesthetix Mimas.)))(((He had one but then he sold the last one. )))Could it be it was time to start to wait for another one?A great choice with great hang time and why the Aesthetix Mimas disappears so fast most all the time?Sometimes when its time to make a great system we have to wait more time for things in life that are time correct. At least your halfway there in time.
 Best JohnnyR