Amp recommendations with a budget of $675 to mate with...

Hi All, 

I'm looking for some solid recommendations on power amps (used of course) with a max budget of $675 (maybe $700) that will sound great with Vandersteen 2C speakers and a Theta Miles CD Player (balanced version). Cabling is DH Labs Q-10 and Air Matrix. I also have custom Mogami (by speaker cables & interconnects. The Mogami is a copper stranded cable, whereas the DH Labs is silver-coated copper stranded, so perhaps one type will be a better match in the end? 

I'm going to be using the Miles direct with the power amp with analog volume. I used to have a Miles (non-balanced version) some time ago and loved the sound as well, so I decided to get another (balanced version this time) and mate a power amp direct. The sound I am looking for is smooth, balanced sound. I like deep, defined bass that has impact when called for.  

I am planning on checking out a McIntosh MC-502 a local audio friend of mine is selling. I can take the Miles with me for a direct audition. If the 502 doesn't get it done, the only other amps I thought about right now is an Aragon 2004 mkII, McCormack DNA 0.5 or perhaps something like an Audio Refinement Multi-2. I read somewhere the Adcom GFA-5800 (not 5802) is a nice sounding unit. In fact, I think someone from Theta Digital mentioned the 5800 was especially good. However, I'm not certain I need 200wpc. As for power, I think anything in the 50-150wpc range is more than enough.

My system is in a 2nd bedroom that I use exclusively for my listening room. The main space is approx 12x14 and has a 5x5 non-tapered ceiling dormer area. The Vandys sound great in that space and I have them set-up according to the math in the owner's manual.  

As always, thanks for the input. 
Schiit is launching their new Vidar amp soon, they said Q1 of 2017 so they are a little late but it should be out any time.  The reason I suggest this is because of their return policy.  Might be worth giving it a shot.  
I bought a Freya pre from them and ended up returning it with no issues. 
Of those you listed, I only have experience with Audio Refinement and wouldn't hesitate to recommend that as well, 
Years ago I used Threshold and Forte with the 2c’s and they sounded great! They were both FET designed amps!
The NuPrime STA-9 might fit the bill. Depending on where you buy it you get 30-45 days to try it.

I've been using the NuPrime IDA-16 for the past two weeks and have been verY pleased with it. Great build, functionality and sound. Good luck with your search.



The Adcom's are great pieces. I still have my 555. It definitely has served me well. I used it while my DNA-1 was in for upgrading. 
McCormack would be my next choice. The best part is that it can be upgraded by SMc Audio for higher resolution as well as balanced output.
I am in the process of getting DNA-1 monoblocks for my Vandy Treo's. Pat, at SMc knows I am currently running Atma-Sphere MA-1's and swears that his upgrades will match and better my Atma's. We'll see. 
Those MA-1's are the best amps I have ever heard.
In any case, if you want to try an Adcom 555, I can lend it to you.
There is a Phase Linear 700 amp listed which has been updated with new outputs, etc..  I think they are asking around 700.00.
The McCormack DNA-0.5 and Aragon 2004 mkII are good amps.
Also, you might try to find a used Forte 4/4a amp.
IMO the 2 needs an amp that control ! The woofer
so the stuff listed above with good damping factors, stout power supplies and ability to deliver current are all good.
i would add VanAlstine, Hafler, APT, PSE to list
( the guy that did PSE helped RV with his new amp - co creators)
iF you are local I can lend you a MC250 which can be special with 2's
Odyssy is also a great amp
lots of solid choices in your budget range