Amp suggestions for Zu Omen Def mk2.

I would like to know what pwr amps are a good match for zu,could be SS or tube,I'm gonna be using my wyred 4 sound level 2 upgraded pre.Since our move into new house I'm ready to spend the time to find the right synergy.I listen to equal amounts of classic rock and most types of jazz and equal amounts either digital or analog.

Pass Aleph 0,5, 0s or 1.2, Ayre V-5, Rowland 2,112 or 10 for SS.

BAT VK-55, VAC 30/30, SF Power2, CJ MV60 for tubes.
Atma-sphere M-60 for tubes or a McCormack Micro.
I use the McCormack with a pair of Zu Omen Bookshelves.
I'll probably send the amp and preamp in for upgrades.
Even an old Adcom would be good with the Zu's.
I would like to thank the Audiogon community for these suggestions so far.Who sales the quad classics in the USA?

I kinda wonder about the quad's myself,I have never been a big fan of the kt66 or 6l6 tube.Just my experience.
Decware Zen Torii Mk 1V on Ebay right now. I have two pair of Zu speakers and have tried various amps. The Omen Defs still need a bit of power to perform well and the tone of the Decware amps fits right in with the Zu sound.
Most of the amps noted above will sound good with your speakers but I believe these will sound just right.

I've had Quad ii jubilees, a special gold plated version. Also, quad ii forties with KT88s. Both sound spectacular on Zu. 

I tried nos 6l6s on the Jubilees and didn't like em at all. kt66s sounded great. 

Read some of my old posts on amps with Zu- tried quite a number 
The Torii looks interesting,I may go for that.I failed to mention that I'm currently using my pure audio m845 mono's and they are sweet,I do need to do some tube rolling though.I would also like to try a first watt j2 as well.I just like a diff. Flavor occasionally.I will get a pair of Janszen's next week,I got a good deal on some walnut demo's.

Primaluna! Done & done! 

Also a Cherry amp from Digital Amp Co, + the 10 ohm resistors Zu now sells. Try the resistors for fun regardless, why not?