Amp suggestions please...need some power

Looking for a SS amp that can comfortably deliver 250-400+ish wpc into a 4 ohm load and can be had <$1500 (used OK). I own PSB Stratus Goldi and by comfortable I mean the sensation of doing 60 mph in a Ferrari - you ALWAYS know its there if you need it.

My system is evolving from an integrated to separates and will probably mate with a tubed pre. My media is 50/40/10 vinyl/digital/FM and I prefer a sound that is more warm than analytical but do enjoy drive and detail.

On my list -

Bryston 4Bst
Parasound Halo a21

If you have a recommendation of a synergistic, tubed preamp, I'm all ears. No phono needed, remote is nice but not mandatory - budget <$1500 (used OK).

Any and all input is appreciated.

You can't go wrong with monoblocks. Here is a pair of B&K 200.1 monoblocks for $1500.00/pair. One of the better bang for the buck monoblocks available. No affiliation with ad. Very potent amp with warm/neutral characteristics.

Power Rating: 8Ω----250 watts
Power Rating: 4Ω----450 watts

As Sufentil (my old friend) wrote look for the Sanders amps. Innersound was his, some of the Coda amps were clearly his and now he has his own line. These are potent amps for made for much tougher loads, -you'll be cruising.
I have heard nothing but good thing about the Wyred 4 Sound amps I think by Cullen Circuits. If you can find one at your price the H2O ICE amps were a power sensation a couple of years ago. Same for Spectron but they are prolly too much$$ even used.
You can buy a new Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 for $1499. These amps sound great and put out 250wpc at 8ohms and 550wpc at 4ohms. I have the integrated STI-500 and love it.
Threshold S/500 currently advertised on this site for $1400 with 250 @ 8ohms and 500 watts @ 4 ohms. Maybe I should buy it. That's a lot of amplifier for the money.
If you want to be able to mate with a wide variety of tube pre-amps, choose an amp with a high input impedance, say 50k Ohm or greater.
Sunfire SRA or Sunfire 300. Side by side compared with Wyred but liked more sunfire(only if connected balanced though)
I had Goldi's and used a Rotel RB-1090 which will deliver over 700W to your PSB's and they will love every watt. It was a great combo. After my first RB-1090 I walked the upgrade path to Nuforce and even the hallowed Parasound JC-1's. Neither was that great with the Goldi's. I ended up buying another used RB-1090 after I sold my first one (duh) and was much happier than when I had the "better" amps. I spent good money and effort to find that the grass was not greener on the other side. The only reason I don't still have the speakers and amp is I moved to a much smaller home and that combo was ridiculous in my new small hifi room.
I do like that Rotel RB-1090. And if you're sitting down - also consider something like Emotiva. The XPA-2 is 300W/ch into 8ohms & 500W @4ohms for $709 shipped, and if you're willing to stretch the budget just a little then a pair of new XPA-1 monoblocks gives you 500W/ch @ 8ohms or 1000(!)W/channel @ 4ohms for $1658 shipped. I know they're not nearly as esoteric as the other suggestions, but these are all amps and they should all be just pure clean power w/o coloration, right?