Analogue Productions Jazz, Blues and Classical 33RPM vs 45RPM advice needed!!!

Hi, I know there’s been much discussion on whether the sonic improvement of 45RPM pressings warrant their added inconvenience over their 33RPM counterparts. I understand that this boils down to personal preference. With that said, I need some BUYING ADVICE! I’m about to invest several thousand dollars in purchasing most of the iconic jazz and classical Analogue Productions QRP and Music Matter reissues while they are still available. Sonics being equal or very close to equal, I’d purchase the 33RPM version for their added convenience. However, I understand that this is rarely the case, and for those albums where the 45RPM pressings are noticeably sonically better, I plan to purchase the 45RPM pressings. With that said, for those listeners on the forum who own both 33RPM and 45RPM versions of the same AP album (or if not “own” have gleaned from others), are there specific AP reissues where the sonic improvement of the 45RPM version is so subtle that you often find yourself only playing the 33RPM version? Any input from forum members would be greatly appreciated before I place my order!

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While my experience with AP Jazz (the Bill Evans box set in particular) is that the 45 always better the 33

However I did not find this to be the case with the Janis Ian "Breaking Silence" -- where the original (numbered) 33 is best. Details on this here

So if I was to glean a rule of thumb it might be -- for recent recordings go closer to the source however for older recordings where the tape is already aged the 45 can suck more out of what is there

 I have both 45 and 33 1/3 versions of some albums. I tend to play the 45 versions far less because of the constant flipping of records,For me the sound difference doesn't warrant the added hassle. If I had it to do over I would probably not buy most of the 45 albums sets I own.

45 RPM LP's remind me of 78's. How important to you is the last 5 or 10% improvement that 45's provide? How much do you value being able to put on an album, and relax and enjoy the music for a half an hour?
As you may know, some years ago Music Matters reissued a lot of Blue Note jazz titles on 45.  These were done at the same time APO reissued its own Blue Note titles.  There was no duplication between the MM and APO titles, and I subscribed to both - which I still listen to and enjoy.

Then . . . Music Matters reissued some of its previous Blue Note titles on 33, and I bought several of them.  They sound great - some would say better than the 45s, but why?

Here's a link to a Fremer site which offers an explanation: 

I tend to prefer the Blue Note reissues in 33 format - the sound is excellent, and its more convenient than messing with two 45s. But I'm not letting go of of any of these titles (45 or 22) any time soon.
There is also the matter of some album sides being created to be experienced as a whole, an interruption halfway through destructive to the music itself. In those cases, a bad trade-off imo. 

Thanks so much for your responses. This is very helpful feedback. Sounds like some of the more recent AP pressings on 33 may be sonically superior to that of same pressings on 45 which makes the decision that much easier. Much of my vinyl listening will be in a swivel chair on my new reference headfi system which is 3ft away from my turntable so flipping records isn’t too much of a nuisance for me. But if we’re talking about a 5-10% improvement in quality, I’d just assume purchase the 33. If the 45 presented a greater improvement than that, I’d be okay purchasing the 45. Do you all know of specific AP pressings where the sonic verdict clearly falls in the 33 or 45 camp?
The Analogue Productions (Chad) versions of Sonny Rollins "Way Out West" are markedly different in presentation: the 33 has the typical hard panning left and right that was characteristic of early stereo. The 45 cut actually has a center image. Steve Hoffman, who worked on those, commented somewhere that with the 45, you are hearing sound reflecting off the back wall of the room that contributes to the center image.
I don’t listen to many of these records much today. I do have a few of the Music Matters, but haven’t compared them.
I can generally hear differences in the 33 v 45 presentations of many records, including the out of print Classics. I’m still not sure those are better than original pressings, but finding an original in mint playing condition is virtually impossible in some cases, leaving aside price. Even some of the out of print audiophile stuff is now expensive.
I wouldn’t necessarily buy something simply because it is cut at 45, rather than 33.
When I've had the chance to hear 45 versus 33 RPM  of the same title the 33 was as good and in a few instances better sounding. I find myself in agreement with the sentiments expressed in the above posts that the 45 RPM  records    are not sonically superior. Their inconvenience is justified IMO.
I have a couple of 45 rpm versions of the same masterings that I own on 33 rpm. They are both worth owning. But you should only buy 45 rpm pressings that you have hear at their best and with your utmost attention. Personally if both are versions are available, get the 33 rpm version first. If you absolutely love, spring for the 45 rpm version. This was a nice thing about about Classic Records. They released a 45 rpm version after the 33 rpm version. Today you don't often get that choice. It often goes the other way. As an example I'll put forth Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. I probably would have bought the 33 rpm mastering. But the 45 rpm was released first. I have no desire to go backwards for this album. I all ready own multiple version of this album. I don't want another copy.
I purchased the Band Music From Big Pink 45 rpm version and found sonic improvements on some songs but not all.
I agree with most of the comments, I own about half of the Verve 45rpm reissues (there is not a 33rpm counterpart to these reissues) and can say that these are easily some of the finest pieces of vinyl on the planet. Stunningly great and worth every penny of the $50 price. Getz/Gilberto, the Billy Holidays, and Ben Webster's Soulville are standouts, even though everyone I have is incredible.
But with that being said, my preference is the 33rpm 200gram reissues. I have kinda found it doesn't matter which one, they are all so friggin great just get them all if you have the means.
Some standouts, Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny, staggeringly great, Miles - Someday My Prince Will Come, unbelievable, Son House - Legendary Son House is so unbelievably great it is haunting, Muddy Waters- Folk Singer, Pet Sounds, Brubeck Time Out is perfect, I could go on and on. I don't own the 45rpm version of Time Out to compare but I feel zero need to as the 33 is so damn good. 
Highly encourage you get the Verve reissues as quickly as possible as some are no longer available from AP and are commanding a premium but many can still be had on their website and sometimes they do 15% off, which is even better. There are 25 of them in the reissue collection. 
But I don't think you can go badly on any of the 200gram 33s.
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