Another stupid iTunes question

How is it possible that there are fewer songs in my iTunes library when I access it from another computer? It's just a few, but still, it's got a boy wondering. (Library is on a Mac Mini with music on a connected external drive.) I sometimes access it using the shared library feature on iTunes from my MacBook. The number of artists and albums, however, matches. Hmmmmmm. Any thoughts?
I'm only gussing, its the dreaded DRM ( Digital Rights Management) that allows paid downloads to be used ONLY by the library / device they were downloaded into.

Your home ripped albums should always show up, on both computers
Oopsie. Shoulda mentioned that these are all songs from my own music collection -- from my CDs. Nothing purchased from iTunes among the bunch.
Could it be that your iTunes library is located in more than 1 folder, at 2 different locations on your HDD ?

Maybe only 1 of your computers has been given paths to the diofferently located folders ?
Fixed it. Created a new library on the server (holding down control key while starting iTunes), added music to that library, and now all is well. Thanks.
Oops. Should have said "option" sted "control" key in above. (Not enough coffee yet.)