Any audiophile who is on blood pressure medication

I was put on HBP medication couple weeks ago due to slight blood pressure elevated from 135/85 in am to 145/92 in early pm time and my life has been turning up side down. As much as I love to listen to the music and mess around with my equipments on my day-off, now I see myself tired all days coping with the side effects of different type of HBP meds. I have not be able to turn on my gear for weeks due to the lacking of energy and I wonder how do other audiophiles who has the same medical issue can overcome the tiresome to enjpy the music. Please share some thoughts .
Yep! Exercise, eliminate salt intake, lower carb intake, stop eating read meat, oat meal for breakfast, fish oil, garlic tablets, green tea, water, water, water.. oh yes and sleep, lots of sleep.. which you can't help but do because most of this stuff wears you out.

If I missed anything let me know. Some of the meds effect short term memory.
I began taking Benicar (this is my 6th day) after ending up in ER with a BP of 209/108. So far no side effects that I am aware of. Yesterday my BP was 137/74 so it seems to be doing its intended purpose very well.

I hope you get your meds straightened out. Adverse side effects were of a major concern I expressed to my doctor and he felt Benicar would be a good med for me. So far, so good.
Well, my local health shop guy recomended Hawthorn Berry and a supplement from Twinlabs called 'blood pressure sucess' which is some sort of milk casin, that relaxes blood vessels. Also started taking fish oil.

Been two months and my pressure has been 125/79, this seems to be working for me and preferable to the medications available, with all their side effects.