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Looking For Other Audiophiles in Arkansas
What part of Arkansas? 
Kilpsch KG4s or JBL L40s?
My system consisted of a 2252B and KG4's for a while. I enjoyed them until I stumbled across something better. I imagine you will likely travel a similar path.Enjoy!! 
Who's your guitar daddy now?
This 15 year old kid from France is pretty amazing. This is one of his own if I am not mistaken. Also check out his vid of New Canon Rock on youtube.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Zh0xf9wlY&feature=fvw 
speakers that rock
Vintage Altecs. From the Model 14s up to the Model 19s would rock your socks off. And can be had from about $400 up to $1500 for a nice pair. 
Best Live Recording on LP
The new Neil Young Live at Massey Hall 1971 on LP is excellent. It is the best live version LP that I have heard. Highly recommend. 
Vintage tube guys
Volleyguy, if you didn't like the 500C, I doubt a 400C would make you happy. You might want to do some research on a Scott LK150 or some of the older McIntosh MC amps, HK Citation II amps. These are enjoyed by many who like the vintage tube sound ... 
Serious Addiction to Gear
Does your friend think he has a problem or is it just everyone else? 
Baby name opinion....
Stwange. Vewy vewy stwange. 
Best Speakers under USD 2,000 Second Hand Price
These Urei 813's.http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrmoni&1240337598&/Urei-/-jbl-813b-time-align-stuNot mine, but I wish they were. 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
I have a single EV Georgian in Mahogany that I am going to build a mono system. I have hooked it up for some extended listening with one of my MC40 amps and love it. If a person is looking for audio on a lowish budget, I think vintage has a lot to... 
Any audiophile who is on blood pressure medication
I began taking Benicar (this is my 6th day) after ending up in ER with a BP of 209/108. So far no side effects that I am aware of. Yesterday my BP was 137/74 so it seems to be doing its intended purpose very well.I hope you get your meds straighte... 
Remarkable systems on a budget
It has taken me a while to put together, but my system comes in a just under $2K for everything and I am very happy with the results if you care to take a look.I am sure there are better, but I feel very fortunate. 
high end jbl or horns or emerald physics c1
Do some research on Urei 813's. I think they might be just what you are looking for. 
Vintage Altec Speakers on Legs
It is apparent they wouldn't mean much to you, but to someone else, these would likely be the find of a lifetime. Just leave them until they find their rightful new owner. By doing so, you will have made someones day. 
IYO, Best speaker for rock music under $1k
Altec Model 19's.