Any Gershman speaker owners

Was wondering if you had any feedback about the speakers sound,company reputation and your associated equipment.Thanks in advance for your time and energy,Bob
I have a pair of Gershman Avant Garde RX 20's in my office system. They
really sound well-balanced with great bass and look great. Never had
any problems so I cannot comment on the company. I use an Accuphase
integrated with it now. When they were at home I used a Mcintosh 352
amp with a Mcintosh C42 preamp.
I have owned the X-1 monitors along with the Sw-1 subwoofer pedestals since around 2000. I had to import both and for what I have heard from other speakers, they sound a little bit warm, great with jazz. The monitor themselves have great low end extension on their own, but with the subwoofers, they sound full extended and can overload a small room with low end if placed near walls. My Gershmans are really fast, faster and have better resolution than all the competition around their price range....X-1s $1600-2K and with the subwoofers, $3500 can compete everything around 4K. No doubt. They love tubes and SS. The only drawback with Gershman, are their low availability and their marked up prices in the US. I imported mine from Canada when they were reviewed in Soundstage.
I bought a pair of RX-20 Avant Garde's within the last month. I bought them used for use in a second, bedroom system. I can't speak so much about company reputation, but I have opinions on the sound. If you want all the details, send me an email and I'll tell you what I think.
Has anyone out there listened to the GAP828s yet,I would like to know what you think of them. I could not find anything on them at all in reviews. Thanks JIM
I heard the GAP 828s at this year's CES. To me, it was one of the highlights of the show. It pulled off the rare trick of sounding lively, dynamic and articulate without being harsh or thin or overbearing. I do not recall any other speakers in its price range that I was as impressed with at CES or THE SHOW.

Of course it is hard to judge anything at a show, but, if it can sound good under those conditions, I'm sure it can be made to sound even better.