Any one ever tried building a turntable or tone arm?

I have been looking at the Euro, Origin Live and Teres kits. A friend just built the Teres and it both looks and sounds very good. Has anyone had any experience with the kits mentioned or have they rolled their own?
Like you, I recently had a chance to hear a Teres and was duly impressed - so much so that my former table is history, and a finished Teres with the gorgeous wood base is on order! It is a "homegrown" variant of the Eurokit (Scheu) design. Follow your ears on this one!
Go to and type TERES and the site will come up. Origin Live is at I can't remember the site for the "Euro kit" but it is very expensive. The origin live has a cheaper entry cost but the Teres looks like one awesome machine and a veritable bargain.
I have yet to roll my own table ... I have an old AR table that is slated to be the donor for my first experiment. I'd appreciate URLs to learn more about the kits that you mention. With my first child on the way, my play money is now college fund money, so doing things on my own will have to be the way for a while.