Any one use Grimm MU1 with Aries Cerat Kassandra ?

Hey folks, I just got a Grimm MU1 and I’m going to use it with my Aries Cerat Kassandra. At first I got no sound from my speakers and after taking the Grimm to the dealer, I realised that I had the Grimm was in 4X over sampling mode (Where all reviews say sounds best). MY Kassandra doesn’t accept 174.4 khz with AES/EBU, big bummer. It would play 88.2khs, 2x over sampling. I use that sampling rate and leave the DAC in native resolution. I can also use the MU1 in no oversampling and re-clock that signal in the DAC. I’m worried that I’m missing out on the best that the MU1 has to offer and considering getting a DAC that accepts 4X oversampling. Does anyone have these two components paired, I’d like to hear your input if you do. Thank you


What can the Aries SPDIF accept? The latest Grimm also outputs a reclocked SPDIF signal, perhaps the Aries can use that output at its fullest?

You have to use the USB option to accept higher rates on Kassandra. 
I don’t believe you are missing out as Kassandra can reclock too and it achieves exceedingly good jitter levels. It is one of the most natural sounding and musical DACs I have heard. I would change the streamer and keep the Kassandra, if it were me. But I have only heard Grimm Mu1 at a dealer so not much experience personally

I am just want to tell you that some general advice. It may be Help you It’s important to note that the best configuration for your system will depend on several factors, including your personal preferences, the types of music you listen to, and the acoustics of your listening room. While some reviews may suggest that the 4X over sampling mode sounds best with the Grimm MU1, that might not necessarily be the case for your particular setup. Given that your Aries Cerat Kassandra doesn’t accept 174.4 kHz with AES/EBU, you could try using the 88.2 kHz, 2x over sampling rate and leaving the DAC in native resolution. This configuration may work well for you and produce excellent sound quality. You can also try using the MU1 in no oversampling mode and re-clocking the signal in the DAC to see if that provides better results. If you do decide to upgrade your DAC to one that accepts 4X oversampling, be sure to do your research and choose a model that is compatible with your other components and meets your specific needs. It’s also a good idea to listen to the new DAC before making a purchase decision, if possible, to ensure that it provides the sound quality you’re looking for. Ultimately, the best advice is to experiment with different configurations and trust your ears to guide you in finding the best sound for your system. ACE Flare


the best advice is to experiment with different configurations and trust your ears to guide you in finding the best sound for your system. 

Excellent advice/post. The 4x over sampling certainly may not be the best setting for “ every “ DAC. I definitely would not give up on the Aries Cerat Kassandra prematurely until listening to all various modes/settings.


Thank all you guys for your advice and suggestions, it was really helpful to me. I ended up using my MU1 in 88.2 Khz and using the AES/EBU input on my Kassandra with re-clocking. The MU1 doesn’t have a USB output so I couldn’t go with that option. I emailed Aries Cerat and Stavros suggested that, when using the Kassandra AES input with the signal of 44.1 or multiples of it I should use re-clocking. It sounds amazing in my current configuration. Later I’ll try the MU1 with no up sampling and re-clock it in my DAC and compare the sound. I’m most definitely not changing my Aries Cerat Kassandra, it’s the most natural and musical sounding DAC that I ever heard.

Kind regards to all




 I emailed Aries Cerat and Stavros suggested that, when using the Kassandra AES input with the signal of 44.1 or multiples of it I should use re-clocking. It sounds amazing in my current configuration

That is very good news. I have no doubt that it sounds “amazing “. Too good of a DAC for this not to work out well.


Hi Ian,

Stumbled accross this discussion. Wanted to let you know. I have exactly the same setup as you in one of my music rooms. Grimm Mu1 to Kassandra. And for me the best configuration is 2x on the Grimm plus turning on the Kass clock also.

disabling one or the other somewhat gives the same effect. Presentation is less fluid, less vibrant and abit dry in comparison to having both clocks on.

I would never give up my grimm mu1. Although ive not had a chance to compare to top Aurender n30 in my system ive had a chance a/b with lumin u1, and auerender a200. Although they are not same price range as the Mu1 but the difference wss sooo astonishing that it made the two sound like a fisher price cassete radio lol. Kidding aside grimm sound was analog like and had a huge natural sound reproduction. When goimg back he other two sounded anemic, flat and no meat.

ive heard the n30 in same room with n200 and although n30 was clearly superior to n200 it wasnt as big a gap as the grimm vs n200. Not sure if it means anything  as they were tested on different systems. But just reporting the scenario and what i heard. 

Victor Sierra


I also have the Kassandra and its best connection is via USB.  Have you looked at other options for streamers besides Grimm MU1?

I was going to say the same as @cfa88.  Aries Cerat is optimized for USB.  Grimm is definitely not my first choice of streamer with it since no USB.  The Grimm is at its best when upscaled and needs to be paired with a DAC that is optimized around AES to get the most out of it.  

The single best option is the Pink Faun.  With AC, it is the single best option ahead of the Taiko or Antipodes as I believe it is what Stavros uses.  The Taiko is going to be close.  

If you don't have like $38K lying around, a first rate USB centric server would be my first choice.  Antipodes offers four different levels (K21, K22, K50 and Oladra)  of units that would work if you are Roon centric.  They just refreshed their whole line with the USB now re-clocked.  I personally run the Oladra and they do get progressively better.  

If you are open to other software (not roon), the Innuos Statement is what I would pick.  It is phenomenal with the Sense ap.  I know a bit more than the Grimm, but it will be a good performer.  With the elite SJ power supply, it really stands out.  

I do liket the Wolf server as well.  It is USB oriented and at a similar price as the Grimm, is quite good.  

Full disclosure, I am an Aries Cerat, Antipodes, Innuos dealer.  I obviously work with and have a relationship with the Pink Faun distributor.  I have no association with the guys at Wolf other than hearing their room at AXPONA and talking with them at that show.