Any opinions on Boltz CD or Multi-Media racks?

I recently bought a Boltz CD-600-KD, their largest CD rack, which is 24 in. wide & 67 in. high. It came unassembled, & had some problems, missing parts, paint on the ends of the horizontal rods which made it impossible to assemble, etc. To their credit, Boltz took it back immediately. They are offering to send me an assembled CD-600 for the same price.

Unfortunately, I had once ordered an assembled CD-600, & one of the side panels was bent, so I sent it back as well. I have 2 questions: 1. what are other people's experiences with Boltz products? & 2. Any advice about which models are most useful? (I realize this is very subjective, & depends on the room size, etc.)

The CD-600 is really big, in a small space, but will hold the most CD's for the $$. The CD-275, which is the same height, but only one ft. wide, looks appealing, but costs almost as much as the CD-600. And what about the wall mounted units, anyone using those?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

I have the CD-600 as well and love it. I had an experience similar to your when I first got it, it came assembled and one of the side columns was bent slightly at the very top. Well not only did they ship me out a replacement immediately, they told me to keep the slightly defective one as well for my troubles. So I got two racks for the price of one, gave the bent rack to a friend for free and she is using and enjoying it to this day. So not only does Boltz make exellent products, they're customer service is exemplary as well. Don't hesitate to buy their products, they also look good and work perfectly.
i own 3 Boltz racks; the CD-600 and 2-4 shelf LP racks. i have had zero problems. they are real solid even on a carpeted floor. as i had lots of media storage in my listening room i have been using these racks for overflow. if i was in the market now i would buy them again based on my experience.

the Boltz racks can wobble a little but stay planted. my friend had his tip over in an earthquake but no damage to the rack or the cds. if he would have used the wall strap they provide his cd-600 would likely not have tipped over.

you either like the Boltz 'look' or you don't. but you can't argue with their functionality. i had no problems with the condition received or assembly.

i will be moving into a new listening room and will likely sell my Boltz racks assuming the new room will hold all (3500 cd's, 500 sacd's, and 3500 lp's) my media.
I have the Boltz 660 CD rack. Compact, beautiful and utilitarian. Highly recommended!
I have a ordered three times from Boltz with no problems.
I use the (forget the model number) multimedia rack and place my cd's in it ao the are slanted. That way my cd and dvd collection does double duty as a sound diffuser.
I like Boltz stuff, and plan to buy more in the future.