Any recommandation for the Von Schweikert VR-4 SE

I am looking to two pairs of speaker cables for the biwiring. I did try Silver Audio Symphony 48. However, bass is losing control. Any recommendation?
I have been using two runs of Audience Au24 cables with wonderful results on my new VR-4 SE's. The bass with this cable is not quite a "big" sounding as some others I have tried, but it is very accurate, tight, and fast. It has worked out well for me in the small room that I have the speakers in, which has been a bass nightmare with powerful speakers such as these. The detail with the Au-24 is fantastic, and mids and highs are very well balanced. The VR4SE's are just what Albert promised, and a FAR cry from my old VR 4.5s I owned many years ago. A great speaker all around...
I've been running a pair of Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun to my VR-4 SEs to great effect. Very natural sounding, with no part of the audio band sounding exaggerated or under-emphasized. Be prepared for the 2 sets of stiff garden hoses running to each side though.

BTW, the AU24s mentioned above are on my "test" list for comparing against the Satori. So if anyone has made this comparison, please tell all. I'm already running the AU24 XLR interconnects which I really like.

Let us know what you decide to go with...
Luminous Audio Renaissance in a true bi-wire set-up. Check out the review I wrote on the VR4 Gen III's last Sept.
You might want to send an email to Albert Von Schweikert and ask him about his new speaker cable that VSA is going to be selling soon. I saw an article on the net in which Albert stated that they were going to be selling this new type of cable in mid 03 so if any cable would work great with the VR-4se Von Schweikert Audio would probably have it. Go to the VSA home page and Albert's email address is in the contact section.
I have VR5 -SE's. The AZ Satori Shotguns work very well with VS speakers, but I just moved to Ensmble speaker cables with Ensemble jumpers and I find their imaging and detail superior and bass is deeper and tighter. About a 15-20% improvement over the AZ's, but at greater cost.