Cable recommandations


Im interested in a recommendation on speaker cables new or used. My budget is is 1500. Here is what I have:

Don Sachs preamp, Don Sachs amp, Tekton Double Impacts, Mytek Brooklyn DAC II+. Bluesound Node, DIY silver speaker cable, DIY interconnects and power cord. Shuguang black treasure tubes on amp and preamp, Brimar rectifier.






So you think that your DIY speaker cables - and IC’s - are somehow inferior to a boutique name brand? And you feel compelled to spend $1500? The TRUTH is that your DIY silver cables are most likely indistinguishable from any of these highly touted cables here on Agon! I advise you to save your money and stick with what you have. I speak from experience. I bought my first high end system in 1977. Right around the time Noel Lee started Monster Cable. I consider him a charlatan, along with all the other cable manufacturers. The Emperor’s New Clothes is the applicable paradigm that applies here! The whole audiophile cable business is based upon pseudo science and false claims! If you gave me your DIY silver cables I would happily use them and not feel I was missing "something"!


Confirmation bias plus a high price tag is a sure path for those in the cable business to take advantage of the gullible and easily persuaded! The shiny new toy always gives greater pleasure than the old toy! 

Since I left behind my Mogami 2477 OFC coax speaker cable when I moved down South 7 years ago I had to replace it. A friend in NY had a 50 ft piece of Q Audio Time Stream speaker cable. This is a Canadian company. I paid him $50 and had it shipped to me. I cut it into four 12.5 ft pieces, added banana plugs and this is what I have been using with my various speakers. I am happy and have no need/urge to upgrade/splurge on some other costly audiophile brand!

 Gotta disagree with JB ^^^. You say you are using silver speaker cables, just try swapping them out with a pair of something copper. You should notice a difference. If not, save your money, but I would first try some inexpensive copper and see where that leads....

DIY speaker cables could very well be the answer to your question, lord knows I’ve made at least 5 pairs of speaker cables, and some power cables and interconnects using various types of wire that sounded good, and each pair sounded a bit different. With that said you could audition a pair of PRIMA MKII OCC SPEAKER CABLES, that have been known to have a lot of bang for the buck and decide what sounds best for yourself. Hey, if you don’t like what you hear return them for a refund, no harm no foul.


I like Synergistic Research stuff (for cables especially), but there are several other brand names that I could heartily recommend as well. Shunyata makes a good cable. So does Van den Hul.

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying out a pair of SilverSmith Fedeliums, but since I have no direct experience with them, I can only mention that they’re getting good reviews.

And JC I wish this place had a "user mute/ignore" function!

Always the same guy, always the same useless "save the world from itself" crap.....


If you want to get as close to "no cable" as possible, consider Wire World. That has been their design goal since the early 90s.

First, don’t listen to Jason Bourne’s utter nonsense.  He’s incapable of hearing differences in any type of wire and therefore believes those of us who can are just fooling ourselves.

That said, what kind of improvements are you looking for, and what sound characteristics are most important to you?  This info would be critical to making a meaningful and useful recommendation. 

I will suggest a Solid Core PC Triple C Wire for the Speaker Cable.

I determine this suggestion worthwhile for Three Reasons.

1, I used Mapleshade Double Helix Clearview Cables for quite a few years and it was these that won favour over a selection of Copper Cables I was using in the  line up for the trials.

2, After a few years of owning the Mapleshades, I took them to a A/B demonstration when a friend was trying out Speaker Cables on their own system. On this day there were Cables in both Silver and Copper of which, one pair was very close to £2000, and a few others were valued at over £1000.

After the demonstrations it was the M'shades and a Brand True Silvers left as the contenders, these were a close run competition, it was only that the Silver Cable was immediately available that sealed the final decision. Another attendee, was very impressed with both Cables. He was off the same view point about the availability and also purchased the True Silver Cables. The M'shades on this sytem made a good show of themselves and won over admirers.

3, I no longer use the M'shades, these are replaced with PC Triple C Solid Core Speaker Cable. The PC Triple C Wire after a short period of usage outshone the M'shades in every area of delivery.    


+1 to what @soix shared, i.e. "what sound characteristics are most important to you?"

@hausera If you have silver DIY speaker cables now, what about them do you not like, and what are you look for more of less of? Are they too bright for you, etc.


Looking at your tube choices makes me wonder if you might be looking for a bit more lush sound. If so, another option as a diy person might be to try some some really good copper bulk wire, if not certain. Having done this for many years with different types of bulk from Audioquest, Supra, Apature copper/silver, and Cardas copper offers decent Bulk 101 insulated wire for speakers. Then making the jump to well designed bi-wire speaker cables with better dielectrics and even better conductor wires made for a darker background can result. Even using lower grade connectors and low grade solder can change the sound in a normally transparent system. It can be fun to try and enjoy different outcomes from diy (trying again) -or-buying very well designed factory made speaker cables. Enjoy!


@jasonbourne52 - aka - formerly @roberjerman

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Is he reaching out for help? 

Does he need an intervention?

Why does he want to dissuade others from exploring & learning?

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Does he lie in wait?   

Since he joined in 2016, his modus operandi is to pounce first on a cable thread to deny any benefit.    He’s been doing it non-stop for 6 years.   It’s not healthy.   

Maybe a new hobby would help.

@hausera - You didn't include the most critical pieces of information which is how you would describe your current sound and what you'd like to gain.

@jasonbourne52 - I don't disagree with you that a lot of audiophile "science" is pseudo science, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible for there to be differences.  It sounds like you've made up your mind and have not actually taken the time to explore things in actual practice.

@winoguy17 - I agree with this approach 100%.  The OP should find the cheapest way to test some different cables in his system to validate that there's a difference (maybe he already has).  Then I'd make sure that any cable that I purchased could be returned because I don't think that a higher price necessarily means better sound.  It should with any individual brand, but the manufacturing processes and materials vary enough that I wouldn't expect it across brands.

My personal experience with cables is limited, but I have had an improvement from both a power cable and interconnects in my system.  I have upgraded three power cables and only noticed a clear difference with the one on my amplifier (Waudio) with the other two (Waudio and Pangea) not resulting in anything audible to me.  I upgraded from Blue Jeans Cable interconnects to Audioquest Chicago ($99) and the difference was significant enough that I upgraded a second time to Audioquest Sydney ($199) that resulted in another less significant improvement.  I tried upgrading from my Blue Jeans Cable digital coax to Audioquest Cinnamon and didn't notice any difference.  I'd say that the difference that resulted from the cable upgrades was ever bit as significant as what I've heard from tube rolling.

I would not think twice about buying a $1200 pair of Silversmith Fideliums!

By far, the best speaker cables I have heard. I replaced $6K cables that are now relatively junk.

I'd like a pair of Auditorium 23's, someday..even if they don't somehow sound better than what I got, I just like the look and build of them. They no doubt will be a lifetime cable. 

I recently built a set of cables very similar to what GR Research sells with braided low oxygen copper cables and BFA type low mass connectors.  Total cost a couple hundred and I am very happy with the results.  



In general, think of buying used… typically 1/2 original price. Used cables is a great place. The $3,000 new price range is a very good range to be in. I usually read reviews via Stereophile and the Absolute Sound to find the characteristics I am looking for.


There are also a lot of folks around here that love Silversmith Fideliums. I have not heard them yet.

Yes, definitely ignore JasonBourne.

I'm running 16 strand speaker cables from GR Research. No desire to try anything else. Smooth, dynamic, and holographic with good material.

OK here is the deal. make your own speaker cables.  This will compete with the higher priced cables.  Mogami (forget the model number) but it has 4 wires in each casing.  Strip the outer casing off.  Use two wires to make the positive run and a separate negative run.  Slightly twist the two wire around each other.  Get tech flex that is for electronic shielding.  Use two sets of techflex on the positive run.  Use a good pair of spades crimp on type.  Use what ever shrink wrap for the ends.  Basically you have two separate runs one for the positive and one for the negative.  This will complete with cables running $14K.


Happy Listening.



Silversmith Fideliums.  Period.

I don't know the science about them but it stopped any doubt I had that speaker cables can make a difference.  Somewhat cumbersome to install but Jeff will help with any issues and such.  I purchased the jumpers also. My speakers now do not have dual binding post.  The jumper set will be up For Sale here soon.

Lawrence From MI 

Look at Snake River Audio a small company out of Snake River Idaho. I use their Signature Series speaker cables, very detailed and engaging. The best cables that I have ever owned and I have owned a few.

Each set is made to order and burned in for 200 hours. The owner, Jonny Wilson , is a great guy to deal with

You might look at see of the wire In the furutech line. I have never tried there speaker car or Interconnect bulk wire I have tried an evolution 11 balanced interconnect. That was nice. I have used a bunch of there power products liked every one of them. The top of the line recepticals rodium plated as well as the gold plated ones. Lol there is a difference seems funny when you audition receptical s. Same with there top of the line plugs and IEC ends rodium plated. I also have a few sets of midline gold plated plugs as well. And two sets of there 55 powercord s. I ordered a set of the do it yourself interconnects and ends they should be here in a week or so that is for a second system. But basically I don't think you will go to wrong with there products. Cable selection is really a individual choice as well as equipment choice as far as how or what you are interested in. In my opinion you are painting a picture with you audio system. There are different flavors and no one audio system has it all it doesn't matter how much you spend you cannot recreate live music in your room. That being said the jump of faith becomes smaller as the system improves. Basically a Rembrandt painting and a Picasso painting are both beautiful but they are different. Don't forget that when changing your system. A person can always say my system is better than my friends etc but if fact two we'll built systems without glaring problems are a choice not which one is better but which one do I enjoy more. So on that note so far I like anything that I have bought that has been furutech and so can go a long way up in there line for the dollars you are thinking about spending.i also like the upper end of the transparent line but that will be above your price point. Regards 


I made the conscious decision to build my own cables vs. buy cables - both speaker cables and interconnects. I have no interest in spending $$$ for marketing and sales costs for a product that, in general, I can make myself. Again, that’s my personal choice and it could mean absolutely nothing to you.

I currently use pairs of Duelund Oil-coated cotton covered OCC copper for each side of each speaker connection - twisted to reduce noise impact. On the amp end it’s bare wire, on the speaker side it’s tube connectors. I also use cardboard tents to get them off the floor, but that’s it.

I can’t imagine much better performance with more financial investment - certainly not better value.

Buy used is the first thing.

 I currently have two systems. One has AQ Rocket 88 speaker wires and the other has some 30 year old silver coated, copper 12 gauge wire. I have switched them several times and can always tell there’s a difference.

Wires can effect your sound, so see if you can try before you buy or try someplace like the cable company. They have cables you can try before you buy.

All the best.


I replaced my Analysis Plus speaker cables with a biwire set of Triode Wire Labs. The Analysis were smooth w/ a nice rich tone compared to what I had  previously but the Triodes maintained the great tone but opened up more detail & nuance. 

I recommend Triode products & they have a free trial period too. They should be right in your price range. Handmade in NY.

@bigkidz Just curious if you tried the Mogami cables using just bare wire vs. crimping on spades?  I’d guess that might be even better?

Well good for you @jasonbourne52 now leave the rest of us alone you tightwad. 

Since I left behind my Mogami 2477 OFC coax speaker cable when I moved down South 7 years ago I had to replace it. A friend in NY had a 50 ft piece of Q Audio Time Stream speaker cable. This is a Canadian company. I paid him $50 and had it shipped to me. I cut it into four 12.5 ft pieces, added banana plugs and this is what I have been using with my various speakers. I am happy and have no need/urge to upgrade/splurge on some other costly audiophile brand!

@soix - from our experimentation there was not loss of sound quality.  We compared this to many higher priced cables so were $14K per foot and this was as good or better.  The thing that worked was separation of the pos and neg wires.


Happy Listening.

Well you have to ask yourself what do you want more. Since you DIY you interconnect and HP cables, you know what you have, hence the fist step is done.

Next, ask your self, do you want more base or more highs? Larger diameter conductors in the cables will give you more base and smaller diameter conductors will give you more highs. 

If you want more details and "speed" or attack you should search for a cables with more air in the dielectric and around the conductors of the cable.


@hausera - since you appear to be into DIY, take a look at this site

My Audio Alchemy (

The cables are excellent performers - fast and detailed with exceptoinal imaging.

Regards - Steve




Years Assembling my own speaker wires. As follows.. pure copper, silver coated, twisted, hi strand count, 10 gauge. All ends quality, securely fastened heat shrink etc.
Hi Quality cable can be found for a reasonable dollar and with little effort can save you incredible money for the same results. One doesn’t have to be a part of Litton industries to separate burned in type BS from engineered science.
Enjoy the hobby and your music, laugh tactfully and appropriately Lol.


Lets put cables in perspective


Speaker choice, speaker location in your room and room impact represent at least 80% or more of what you hear.

Your music source materials ie CD's,  Records, streaming etc would be next and then your equipment used for the above sources would be next.

That leaves very little room for the impact of any cable.

High end cables were created to solve a problem predominately random RF signals from all other electronics you have in your home. RF signals can cause you hearing  increased noise levels from your speakers

having said the above do I believe you COULD hear a difference in interconnects, but that difference should be explored after everything else has been maximized in your system first 

I myself have found copper based multi strand wire braided worked best for my speakers, second shielded and grounded power cords for amps, preamps and computers seemed to reduce noise.


Just FYI my most expensive cable, USB, RCA, power cord was found on Amazon for less than $37.00


Hope this helps, and remember just enjoy listening to the music


Hi @hausera 

Don Sachs was using a Dueland Western Electric alike cable in his gear, but has switched over to Ice Age Audio's IC cable. You can use 12 or 16 gage Dueland tin clad copper for speaker cables. I have just ordered Crhis VenHaus' IC, anyone who has moved film & foil technology as far forward as Chris has almost certainly isn't going to sell an inferior cable. If you are not crazy about the Duelund cables, Goertz flat speaker cables can definitely good, but use the zoble filter. Hope this helps.

Try Chen Audio Lab.

The best I have owned so far.

Beautiful balance from Top to Bottom.






There are a few floating out there in never never land that would suggest you’ve a hearing problem or possibly it’s the vintage Sony Walkman your listing to Lol. As with many I’m sure, I enjoyed your observations & input. But really $37.00...Shame Shame there aught to be a law, taking money out of corporate pockets !! And what of the herded sheep have you no pity ? 


You can try almost anything at home for a couple of weekends for a nominal charge from

Call them, very knowledgeable.

Personally, I moved the Nordost Purple Flare to my AV system and went with all Raven cables cause the logos match my amp.