Any reviews of anticable power cables?

I'm surprised not to see any reviews of the Anticables woven power cables. Has anyone compared them to the AQ woven cables?
They are totally mediocre there are much better cables out there such as Purist.My pal had them dumped them after a month even that was to long.Good luck though!!
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My suggestion reviews for your power cables. I think it's needed of useful Downloads app.
Analog Audio's Review Of The Anti Cable Power Cables

Paul Speltz stopped by recently with his new Anti Cable Reference 3 power cables. Although I have had great luck with Paul’s products in the past, I really didn’t know what to expect from his new power cables. To my surprise, they sounded outstanding-offering a very organic sound with deep bass. I assumed Paul had moved into the high end market and priced his new power cables accordingly. To the contrary, I was told the Reference Level 3 Anti Cables sell for $330.

I have seen power connectors that cost a lot more than $330 let alone a power cable with this performance. Utilizing a triple braided design, the Level 3 Anti Cable utilizes ultra-pure oxygen free copper configured maximize clean power while reducing the noise floor. Finally, it uses a proprietary pure copper connector which not only works very well, it gives the cable a very nice professional look. All of this for $330? Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either so I agreed to pick the line up-it was a no-brainer.

We are very proud to offer Anti Cables. They could easily sell for a lot more and are a true bargain in the audio world. Best of all, the cables are backed up with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are considering upgrading your power cables, do yourself a favor and try the Anti Cable Reference Level 3 power cables. I am sure that not only will you be surprised by the performance, you will be amazed at how fast you order more of them for the rest of your equipment.
I have, of course, read all the info on the Anticables web site;  which is why I was surprised to see no posts by A'goners. The weave product by Anticables appears to predate that by Audioquest? I have some DIY power cables and the lower cost Shunyata, and find no more than minor differences in my system. Just checking to see if I am missing something without spending kilobucks.
You're not just limited to those two.  There are plenty of woven power cables at different price points.  See Russ Andrews, LessLoss; others will chime in with other manufacturers.
I've been really impressed by the Level 3 AntiCables power cords, but it took a while to recognize their strengths.  When I first plugged them in to my integrated amp, there wasn't anything that jumped out at me, good or bad.  I was swapping a number of power cables in and out - Cardas, JPS Labs, Triode Wire Labs, Wireworld.  

With each of the other brands, something immediately struck - deep bass, crisp highs, more forward sound, etc.  However, after living with the sound for a couple of weeks, I always noted something that I didn't like as well.  

The Anti-Cables were what I kept going back to between trying the other brands.  As they settled in, I came to appreciate their even tonal balance, slightly relaxed presentation, deep soundstage, etc.  However, what I really noticed was that when the Level 3 power cables were in my system, I wanted to listen to more music.  It's that simple.  I've long since stopped looking at other brands of power cables, even when I've upgraded the rest of my system.  

As always -- my ears, my system, my preferences, etc.

Best, Scott
Scott, thanks for your review. Can you add as to whether you have a dedicated 115v line, and also if you tried the anticables level 3 PC with a source (CD player?) and found any difference?Thanks
I don't really enjoy providing negative personal experiences - especially as Paul was extremely gracious in giving me plenty of time to test, and ultimately return, my AC Reference 3 speaker cables.  Having read the reviews, I awaited their arrival with great excitement.  They were replacing Rocket 33's in my system.  However they were *extremely* harsh sounding - rendering much of my music unlistenable.  As mentioned above, I was able to give them about 60 days of use and they weren't getting much better.  Replaced them with AQ GO-4's and am very happy.
@oldears   I don't have a dedicated line - wish I could install one, but I live in an apartment.  With respect to source components...

-CD player - I use one on my Marantz CD player in my office, which is hooked up to powered Audioengine speakers.  It's hardly a resolving system, but the Level 3 power cord gives CDs a more analog sound.

-Phono stage - my main system is turntable only.  I've used the Level 3 PC on several different phono stages, both tube and solid state.  It's sonic signature is very similar to what I mentioned with the amp:  relaxed and clear, non fatiguing.  I have noticed my better bass with most phono stages when using the Level 3.  

-Turnable motors - yes, this matters (and MUCH more than I thought).  I've. used the Level 3 on a VPI Prime motor and currently on an Acoustic Signature Wow XL motor.  When compared with other cables, the Level 3 provides a much larger sound stage and clearer vocals.  I guess it's providing more stable electrical flow to the motor, but I was caught off guard by the difference it made.

I have never tried any of the other cables from Anti-Cables, so I can't comment on ICs, speaker cables, or even Level 1 or 2 power cords.

Best, Scott
Thanks for this additional detail. I have a dedicated power line, PS Audio power ports, and all my electronics are AYRE 5 series with Ayre Conditioning; so I am dubious as to whether to expect any significant improvement from a power cord. Your response encourages me to try the Anticables PC since they offer a satisfaction guarantee.