any silversmith cable users?

I use this cable, both speaker and IC, and I find it the most musical cable that I have ever listen to, Strangly I never see any comments on this faboulus cable here or at the
Audioasylum and it has no test at Audioreview.Perhaps its to expensiv to sell? Whats your experince with this cable? Any user who have found an even better cable?
I have used this cable in my system and it is very good.
The speaker cable to me is very hard to work with and having do connectors I was always afraid of shorting my $16000 amp. There interconnects are fair! Try Audio Note ANVz interconnects with the Silversmith speaker cable and you will be in musical heaven. Sound opens up so wide and deep it is incredible. The only thing I don't like about the speaker cables are the tarnish to a dark brown color.
I don't think it effects the sound but it look bad. Also they are very hard to resell because it's a no name brand that is not established. Otherwise the are very good.
Try the Audio Note! TG
I recently purchased a set of balanced interconnect and two runs of 4 ft speaker cable for biwire. My system is Dunlavy 4s BAT VK150se amps and Wadia 860x direct. For me the Silversmith just didn't satisfy me especially when you consider the price. There are some things that it is great at. It has incredible top end clarity and presence. My problem with it was in the midbass. On my system it sounded as if there was a suckout on the 100hz region, bass drums had reduced authority detracting from the drive of rock and jazz music. The low bass was fantastic however, very extended and tuneful. I have heard my complaint mentioned in each of the reviews of the Silversmith cables, and it was always summed up as the cables that were being used prior to the Silversmith were colored in the midbass. One thing for sure is Jeff Smith owner of Silversmith is about as nice a guy to deal with as you could ask for. He discussed my complaints and made suggestions for improvment a number of times, and when I ultimately wanted to return them for a refund it was no problem at all. I was distressed that I didn't find the Silversmith cables pure heaven as I know that many of the really high end systems used at CES use Silversmith, and I had heard raves from some guys I know who use it.
Was considering Silversmith cables vs. Goertz silver AG2/3, Stealth ultimate ribbon, Acoustic Zen, or Mapleshade. Anyone compared/contrasted any two or more of these? I know that the prices are all over the map, as are the geometry's etc.
I had been using Goertz AG-3 apeaker cables and Sapphire ic. The Silversmith very handily beat the Goertz inb terms of soundstage witdth, depth and low level detail. Slightly more transparent as well. I would like to try the Audio Note cables to compare and maybe the Ensemble.
if you like these cables go to allen wright has been selling this type of cable for years at 700$ for 2 meter pair. he also sells a book on the same at diy pricing. the book is based on "the echo effect" which the silversmith cabling is based upon. sounds like silversmith just put it into a production wire.
Silversmith is not a production wire. Jeff Smith is the single man behind the name and he hand builds each cable to order. The price is based on how it compares to similarly priced competiion not how much the material itself is worth.