Anybody auditioned new Wadia 301 CDP?

Any thought on this player, and what is the price?
I have not heard it yet, but a friend of mine has. He heard it at a demo by the Wadia rep last week at a local stereo store here in So. Cal. He ordered one on the spot. He is replacing a very well known player that sells for almost twice as much. He told me it retails for $3600.00 and he should have it by the end of Feb. I am looking forward to hearing it for myself and comparing it to what I have. That may be a $3600.00 comparison........Bob
Any new comments on the Wadia 301 CD player? I heard it in the store but was not impressed due to poor associated equipment. I heard the Linn Ikemi vs. the Meridian 588 and the Linn sounded much better. I also compared the Linn to the Rega Jupiter to determine if the extra money was worth it. In my opinion, the Ikemi is worth the extra money. I am looking for any comments on the Wadia 301 Cd player. thanks..
Yes, I arranged a dem of the Wadia 301 several months back at Midland Audio Exchange in the UK. I had kind of set my heart on it before I'd even heard it (mistake!). Anyway whilst there, the dealer had a ML 390s and an Advantage S1 (from Sweden). First off, I listened to the Wadia, mostly with Diane Krall installed. My first impressions were of a big fast sound, but one I couldnt relax with, no matter how many tracks I listened to. Imagine my disappointment, I didnt like the Wadia, the player I'd always aspired to. Anyway, next I asked for the ML 390s to be hooked up (to the same Bel Canto Evo 2 and Red Rose Rosebuds). Well I shouldn't have done that. I couldnt believe how much better the ML was, my overriding memory is of the immense soundstage and the space between performers, so much so that you felt you could get up and walk around amidst the performance. My problem was the Wadia was £3600, the ML £6500. Then he suggested the Advantage S1 which like the other 2 players has a built volume control. Firstly I found it far more easy to listen to than the Wadia, same detail retrieval, big soundstage but most importantly, not fatigueing. It didnt possess the walk around ability of the ML but it did cost £3000 less.
I got one of the first ones and I can tell you that the Wadia 301 takes a long time to break-in, about 100 hours minimum and 150 is better. It also needs a high quality power cord to sound it's best- I'm using a PS Audio Mini Lab Cable running through a PS Audio Ulitmate Outlet.

My friend has a Wadia 860-x and we did extensive comparisons with the 301. Our conclusion was that the 301 was better than the old 850 (we both owned 850's), and very nearly as good as the 860-X. When running CD direct, you will gain more inner detail, but the trade-off is a narrower soundstage than when using a good preamp. There is also a bit more of a digital sound when running CD direct.

The 301 could easily disappoint in a dealer demo situation if the above items aren't addressed. It's quite revealing and can reveal any weak links (including its own lack of break-in). But it can also be quite impressive if proper attention is paid.
I auditioned it in a head to head with the Resolution Audio Opus 21. The Resolution piece was superior IMHO. The Opus 21 was more present, clear, open sounding. Associated equip. was Krell FPB, KRC3 (auditioned it with and without the preamp), with B&W N802 speakers and Transparent Reference cables.