Anybody notice DTS is hardly used anymore?

I went to look for a movie tonight and could not find one DTS soundrack among all the new releases that I wanted to see. Blu Ray is even worse. I was told that DTS Master Audio is only used for about 20% of the titles coming out.

It's never easy being an audiophile, but between the rejection of SACD and now DTS, things have never seemed this bad!
I have no date but is there a reason to prefer dtsHD MA over Dolby TruHD? Both lossless.

I don't know why they don't use it. I always see it listed in the end credits but they don't use it on the disc. It is the best in my opinion, so it must be a cost issue. Kinda like all DVD players and Sat recievers use TosLink and I prefer coax. Bummed
I think it's a cost issue mainly, plus on the blu ray discs, it takes up a lot of space. Can we catch a freakin break?
I'm with you Kal, both DTS HD MA and Dolby TrueHD are lossless. In theory DTS HD MA has more bandwidth, but I don't know if it will prove to be better, and my experience, it depends more n the Blu-ray or HD DVD than the codec.
Lol. Let's face it. When it comes to audio, it seems like us audiophiles and AV enthusiest alike are basically just lucky to be enjoying a few good hi rez audio formats - which may or may not eventually come down the pike - while the rest of the consumer world is just interested in some convenient storage menthod, broad based technology, or life-style gadget..which likely comes with otherwise compromised, if mediocre sound quality, often! Then, if some major medium storage technology or playback format happens to throw in some good sound to boot, then we just, well, get lucky!
I mean, really, it's basically as if the majority of the consumer world has almost nil interest in something sounding good! And really, when you think of dvd, cable, satalite, and flat screen technology, most of the consumers are really only interested in the convenience factor and integration of lifestyle! The sound is just some after thought, really. Sad, but true.
I hope when everything starts integrating with the internet, and media storage, large hard-drives and DVR's are the norm, that they'll at least allow us to keep some morsal of high quality sound! Dare to dream....

Iplaynaked - People often get Flatscreen, LCD, Plasma, Surround Sound, Multimedia not even for convenience but because of fashion and catchy names. Flat screen TV is considered modern TV and people are afraid to be called "oldfashioned" with old CRT TV.
This is because DTS is awful. Try it on a linear source sometime and see how often you have to ride the volume; films are mixed like commercials these days to be as loud as possible all the time. DTS was thunk up for Jurassic Park, the big toy commercial. Go figure.