Anyone else try this?

They just used a robot controlled laser to burn out the regrowth of my brain tumor. Held it in the correct position aiming through the small hole they drilled in my skull for 6 hours. I don't know about the sound as I was out at the time.
Hopefully, you are on your way to a full recovery!
I've read and have seen videos of this but you are the first person I've communicated with that has used the procedure.
Is it me or is medical progress painfully slow? Treat yourself to something audio!
We are very lucky to live in the times that we do. Good luck to you and hope your prognosis is a good one. Happy listening.

No! I've never tried this . . . nor do I ever want to!

Seriously, as I get older and hear the health issue friends are having, I feel fortunate that mine are relatively minor.

Best wishes to you, stanwal. Modern science is truly miraculous.

The most adventuresome I got in the hospital was having a colonoscopy without benefit of anesthesia. I will not be doing that again.

Why no anesthesia Geoff, why?! My sister is afraid of not waking up from it, but she's neurotic.
Here's to a speedy recovery and the hope that if anything, besides the benefits of stopping the tumor, an unintended but most appreciated increase in hearing acuity to aid you back into things.

All the best,

George: "Let's go bowling!"

Elaine's boyfriend: "I get no rush from bowling. Rock climbing."

Elaine: What happened to Tony? Is he OK? Did anything happen to his face?

George: He had an accident. He kind of fell on a ........(long pause)

Kramer: Rock.
...and medical maladies invade AG....*L*

Y'know, I had myself cloned...thought I could turn the Work over to Him so I could just fool around with what amuses me.

Spend all my time arguing with the SOB...he's got the same idea about me.

The cell co. offered me a new one...surgically implanted, would run on my body heat, always on, always updated....

Woke up in another state.  Surrounded by people I didn't know.  Doing something I'd never done before.  Couldn't leave, would black out if I headed for the fence....

Woke up again back here.  Don't remember how that happened, either....but I had a new cell in my hand and an 'X' on my ass....

Dreams and nightmares become indistinguishable, after awhile...;)
I once had a pituitary tumor inside the base of my skull removed through my nose. I don't think a laser would help.
When I was a kid, I scraped my knee and got a boo boo. Nothing like your experiences. 
Hi guys. I'm 62 yrs. old. Is all this stuff contagious, or just brought on by Dementia and old age.....