Anyone have experience with Octave integrated amps?

I've had a Hegel H200 for a number of years and I've really enjoyed this amp and it's sound. But, there was definitely room for improvement so I upgraded to the Hegel H390. However, I'm very unhappy with the sound of this amp. It's very detailed and refined sounding which is great but I feel like the music has just lost it's soul. The issue is what do I replace it with?? My stereo guy has suggested the Octave V70 SE. 

I'd love to hear feedback from anyone that's heard this amp or the V110 SE. I have Revel F208s so does anyone have experience with this pairing? I listen to mostly vinyl.

My gear:
VPI Prime turntable
Transfiguration Axia cartridge
Sutherland Little Loco phono amp
Revel F208 speakers
Sumiko S10 subwoofers (2)
is your hegel h390 new? it improves substantially with break in... as in over a month or two of consistent use...

it is a good sounding unit... truly

octave is very very good gear... but i would advise you don’t give up on the hegel if it hasn’t broken in properly as of yet
I heard the V110se with some Dynaudio C60s. Sounded really good. Lots of bass control for a tube amp as well. 
I have the V70 Class A which is just stunning in clarity and control. I demoed the V40se and heard the V70se at the shop and loved them so much I wanted more control of my Spatial M3 Sapphires. I found a great dealer in
‘They had a generous return policy on in stock items so maybe you can get a demo as well. I do live in Massachusetts so that helped for me.
if I can answer any specific questions let me know. I think the Octave line will be a great match for your system. I do recommend the Black Box or SBB with it. Love love it!
Thanks jjss49, I ran the H390 continuously for a week when I first received it. Afterwards, I did hear a substantial improvement. It probably has about 400 hours on it now. Maybe I should let it run for another week. I really wanted to love this amp.

I still have the H200 so this past weekend I did a back-to-back comparison with the H390. The 390 is crisp, clean, and refined sounding. In comparison, the H200 sounds like there's a thin veil is over the music but the bass and drums are front and center. The music seems to have more body. 

I had the Octave V80SE with the Super Black Box.  While the sound was good, every time I cranked up the volume, it would power off.  It could not drive my Rockport Atria's, although they (mfr) told me that it could drive most demanding speakers. The Atria's have a sensitivity of 87.5 dB and need a lot of power (as I later found out).  I'm assuming that had my speakers been more efficient, the Octave V80SE w the SBB might have worked for me.  
Lost its soul? Wow. That's bad. The H200 was touted as being very musical with a dual mono design. 

I think you may have a synergistic mismatch.  Why I do not know. 

I would ask some Revel design people what they suggest.

1st bad report I have heard/read on the H390.

Others-Ayre, Lejonklou, Pass

Good luck!!

at 88db the 70se or 80se should be fine driving the Revels depending on your room size and listening levels. I would go up to the 80se if I were you.   In terms of the Black Box vs. SBB either will give you more dynamics and low end control. I have found that I don’t go past 10/11 o’clock with the volume. My room is 16x18 and my speakers are 92db. Andreas from Octave is very responsive and he may help in setting up an audition but Aaron from safeandsound was a pleasure to work with.
Might you want to try a tube preamp ahead of the Hegel, OP? That might give you a chance to soften things without losing good control of the bass on the speakers. Just a thought.
I've had a couple of tastes of Octave, V40SE (gave it up when I was pretty naive after short demo) and older V110 (developed biasing problem).  Excellent amps.  Have always considered going back and trying them again.  Rock solid musical foundation.
I have an Octave V70SE and love it. Controlled bass and warm pronounced midrange. I listen to vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel, and digital through it. It sounds good all around to my ears. The bias adjustment is very easy too.