Anyone have experience with wall mounting a table?

I am thinking of wall mounting my VPI Scout as I have a lot of "stuff" on the floor now and want to get it organized a bit better. I have seen several places that carry the Target mount, and it seems pretty solid, however the Scout has no suspension so I want to be sure that it is not going to cause any issues before I punch holes in my wall to mount it. Specifically will it cause any resonance issues or skipping or is it better than the floor for this? Right now it is on an amp stand on the floor with isolpads under the cones, pics coming today on my system page.

Anyone have any experience with this and wish to comment?
TT wall shelf is the only way to go IMO (suspended TT or not). The only caveat is make sure the wall is solid! Generally,masonry walls are better than 2x4stud-and-drywall walls. Outside walls (even if they're stud walls) are better than interior partition walls. If you have to put it on a big expansive 2x4 interior stud wall (prone to vibration but still better than a joisted floor!) try and find a spot where there is another wall tee-ing into it from the other side, or mount the shelf within 4 feet of a corner if possible.
I've got a VPI Scoutmaster on the top shelf of a Target VW-2 (along with a 60 lb slab of granite replacing the MDF shelf), and a phonostage on the bottom shelf. When I first installed it (into the studs in the wall), I kept a carpenter's level on the shelf, just to make sure I would notice any subtle sagging if it occurred. It's been over a year now, and it hasn't moved. Wall mounting is much better than joisted floors. I used to have to tiptoe around the rack when it was on the floor. Now I can jump up and down and the turntable is rock steady.

Nsgarch has good advice re using an exterior wall (or a load-bearing interior wall).