anyone heard of John Nitzinger?

Great guitar player from Texas,only other person besides myself thats heard him is the guy who turned me on to him back in 1978,just found out he has a web site and still playing
Ray---I thought me and the friend who liked Nitzinger in the early 70's were the only people to knew about him. It would be strange if my friend was the same as your friend. Maybe Nitzinger only exists is our universe. I only have one album by him. It is, I think, the first thing he ever put out. It was self titled, "Nitzinger" and I bought it in the summer of 72, I think. It is still one hell of an album.
hello Papertrail,your buddys name isnt Danny is it?Thats not the album with the song "Yellow Dog" is it? has a few of his CDs,,do a google search and youll find his website,,the guy kicks ass!!im surprised more folks havent heard of him!Anyway,your now the second person i know of thats heard him,,im not crazy after all,,,,,,Peace
There is a mint 3 lp set of Nitzinger's work for sale on Ebay for $20.00 now. One problem, the seller is in Sweden, so big $$ for shipping possibly.
Hello Photon46,i looked at the ebay ad,shipping is 10.00 for each LP!I should have bought it back in 78 !!!I might shell out the $$
Jeeez, that triggers some flashbacks. Owned or borrowed most of the Bloodrock and Nitzinger stuff. If memory serves, Lee Pickens pulled off the more acrobatic leads in Bloodrock. Thought Ollie Hallsall (Patto), early B.O.C. Larry Coryell and the Mahavishnu Orchestra made em' seem pretty wimpy, maybe i shouldn't have ditched those records. Kept the Mar y Sol record tho' (Texas Blues/Jelly Roll had some scorcher parts on it) an' i liked his description of a girlfriends mental acuity, it was something like... if you put her brain on the edge of a razor blade it would look like a bb rollin' down a four lane highway.
Ray, The album I have does not include "Yellow Dog". The two songs that stand out on this lp are "L.A. Texas Boy" and "Louisana Cock Fight". The album cover is blace with "Nitzinger" written across the front in large letters. And my friends name was Stanley, so there goes the theory that one man was responsible for the spread of Nitzingerism.
I´m in Portugal and I´ve been looking for Nitzinger´s "yellow dog" for years.I downloaded an incomplete file of it, and a new live version.
Do you know the name of the album with the original version?
All the best!