Anyone heard the new Schiit Tyr?

I am intrigued by the choke design in the power supply. Didn’t Ayr do this as well? Looks like some helluva mono blocks.

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Looks like the only owners reporting feedback are over on the schiit happened thread at  People sound pretty impressed.

If it sounds anything like an Aegir, they have another hit on their hands....

The word is, it’s better than the Aegir SQ wise.  The Tyr has a total of 24 output devices!  

Watched a video of them making these on one of the YouTube channels yesterday.... 

I am a Schiitaholic but 110 pounds of amp. Whew. It's a load. I am hoping they will later bring out a stereo version using the same chassis. It would probably cost $1600-$1800 and should benefit from the new topography. I can hope. 

I have 2 pair of them... A set of Aegir’s and a Vidar. My favorite is the TYR’s. I run all Salk Sound speakers. The TYR’s sound very smooth almost tube like. But they control woofers better and have huge power reserves.