Anyone listened to a Wavac?

I am curious to know if anyone has heard, or owns a Wavac amplifier, and, if so, what their impression is.
I heard the Wavac monoblocks and pre driving Talon Firebirds at CES and to my ears they had one of the best soounds at the show.
I heard their stuff at the shows. I think they had the 805 amps running, which was nice. The new anniversary Sh-833's were also running, those were way over the top. Not sure on price but the better part of $100k I bet. Sounded great, nice build quality as expected. Huge chassis (4 pcs per side). THe one amp of theirs I wanted to hear but wasn't on display was the 4304 amp (834-based) which looked quite cool. Unfortunately all their stuff is quite pricey....I suspect it could be had for about 1/2 the US retail price by shopping for it in Japan. (like most japanese audio products). The sounds overall are quite good, though for the money of the US prices, I think you could have something even more exotic that would sound as good or better. (custom built).

The Wavac SH833s with three power supplies per side were incredibly good. They cost $350K!!! I decided to biamp with them. Just kidding!
Thanks guys for the nice comments of our 2 CES WAVAC rooms. We introduced many new models including the new T1 transformer-coupled linestage that is the best I have ever heard.....but as the US importer,I certainly have a bias on this topic. :-)

Yes, many Wavacs are very high priced; however, we offer models starting at $5k (MD-811) providing 15w/ch.

As an aside, the HE-4304 uses the 4304 triode tube.

If any of you have questions, please contact me directly.

Jim Ricketts
Jim, 4304 = 834 - just different basing between them, if anything. it's a cylindrical plate triode that had grid and plate pins, right? Well designed for A2 operation (as is the norm with the IIT/shishido set up of most Wavac stuff I think.) Wish I could afford it. ;-)