Anyone remember Square Deal in Patchogue L.I. ??

Just curious for those who frequented the Square Deal store in Patchogue LI. The store has been gone for awhile...but, I really enjoyed visiting and buying my first real audio system back in the late 80's. Steve K was a really great salesman and I learned a lot about audio from him( and my Dad)..Anyone remember?

Hi, funny seeeing a post for Square Deal on Audiogon !
I worked there in 1983 with Steve and the crew...good times!
I am in East Patchogue. I still talk with Chip once in a while, and Mike Brody lives around the corner...--Neil
Used to shop there quite often in the old days, when I was still living on the Island. A good store. Bought a few things there.
I don't believe this one. I live in AZ now but I remember Square Deal even before they had their big store. I bought a lot of stuff from them, knew Ed and Mike Brody well. Can't begin to tell you what I got from them but I think I bought just about everything they had except for Classe. Mac, Genesis (early models), AR11, AR9, AR Turntable. Was a customer from 1971 until they closed their doors, a sad day.